Allstate Drivewise Review 2022

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Are you looking for the best way to save money on your car insurance or finding a better medium to understand your driving skills or habit, then the Allstate Drivewise program is what you should subscribe to. If you don’t know anything about the Allstate Drivewise program, do not panic. This post will guide you on all you need to know about Allstate Drivewise program, how it works and even how to get amazing discount from it.

Allstate Drivewise is a mobile app that allows Allstate customers or drivers monitor their driving habits for safety and also get rewards via discounts on auto insurance premium which could help them save money on their car insurance in return. So if you are looking forward to participating in Allstate Drivewise and earn amazing rewards, good you are here. This mobile-app program is completely free to use even if you are new and not an Allstate customer.

Quick Tips

  • Allstate Drivewise is a mobile app that allows you to analyze and collect real-time feedback data on your driving habits. 
  • Its purpose focuses on your behavior around your speed, time of driving and accelerating or braking.
  • When you sign up for Drivewise, you stand the chance to save up to 10% automatically and with your driving behavior, you may be able to save up to 25%.
  • Drivers with good and safer driver habits earn cash back or redeem points for rewards from the Allstate Reward program in insurance premium refunds.
  • It only works in some states across the United States. Take for instance; you do not get rewards if you are based in New York State.

What is Allstate Drivewise?

Allstate Drivewise is the newest technological mobile app program that was launched in 20210 by Allstate Insurance Company for drivers and Allstate customers. The mobile app collects your driving data and analyzes your driving behavior using your smartphone’s sensors. In other words, this mobile-app program tracks and monitors your driving habits in any car you find yourself even if it the vehicle is not yours. If you are driving your friend’s car, the program will still track and monitor your driving habit. However, if you show safe driving behavior while driving any car, you stand the chance to earn a refund on your insurance premium.

Rewards earned from Allstate Drivewise can be redeem for travels, auction sites, daily deals, donations to local charities, gift cards but you can’t use to save on car insurance premiums. When you sign up for Allstate Drivewise program, the mobile app collects your first six months of data to give you cash back or rewards. After this period, the mobile makes use of 12 months to collect data depending on how data keep coming to you when you are driving. Keep in mind that this mobile app program follows you anywhere you go as an individual driver and not your car.

How Does Allstate Drivewise Work?

Allstate Drivewise usually comes in form mobile app or a small telemetric device that is fitted into a car’s Onboard diagnostic port (OBD), which offers access to the vehicle’s onboard computer although most users prefer the mobile app version program.  This monitors your speed, accelerating or braking style and the time of day you usually drive even late nights. It will then send the information or data collected to the app downloaded on your device and to the Allstate insurance company. Personally, you can also check your information and get feedback from the mobile app to adjust or work more on your driving habit. Once the insurer is able to collect your data after six month, you may stand the chance to earn a reward and even discounts on your car insurance premium.

According to, Drivers can earn 15,000 points with Drivewise just by downloading the app and activating an account. While driving, the app awards 200 points for each of the following challenges which include the 10 safe trips with no high speeds or sudden braking, three consecutive days with no sudden braking, and three consecutive days with no high speeds

When you are not driving, the mobile app runs in the background to track and monitor every of your trip and driving habits accurately. It is therefore recommended you either put the app into sleep mode where you are the passenger or delete that trip from your history.

While in use, the mobile app doesn’t really consume your phone’s battery when fully charged. You can also continue to make calls, use navigation and other phone apps while driving. After each trip, Drivewise gives you a personalized feedback about your driving habit and shows how many points you’ve earned. You’ll also get access to be able to delete trips where you weren’t the driver.

How to Use the Allstate Drivewise Mobile App

According to Allstate website, you can either enroll in the Drivewise program either on the Allstate drivewise mobile app, or on the Allstate Drivewsie device.

To Enrol on Allstate Drivewise App

To enroll using the Allstate drivewise app, simply follow the steps below to complete your Allstate drivewise installation.

  • Go to Google play store or Apple store on your device and install the Allstate app
  • Next, open and launch the app to login to your Allstate account.
  • The next step is to enter your Allstate My Account ID.
  • Agree and accept the terms of service and allow location services.
  • Now, enroll your policy via the mobile app through your account on You can also enroll by calling your insurance agent.
  • Then, drive at least 50 trips during the six-month performance period. Keep in mind that you must give the app permission to run in the background after which you do not have to switch on the app when you drive. Plus, you must have at least 25% battery on your device for proper tracking.
  •  Finally, review your progress and the app will display your driving performance, phone usage behind the wheel and your savings.

To Enrol on Allstate Drivewise Device

The Drivewise device is a mobile device that is fitted into your car car’s OBD port to track and monitor your driving habit and tells you your reward you for safe driving habit. Below are the steps stated on Allstate’s website on how to enroll in the program.

  • Call Allstate (if you are not a customer there) or your Allstate insurance agent to enroll your policy in Drivewise. The enrollment processes require your valid email address.
  • Next, Allstate will send you the Drivewise device via the mail.
  • The next step is to install the device in your car’s onboard diagnostic port. Notify other listed operators of the car that the Drivewise device has been installed.
  • Once you have completed the installation process, Allstate will send you an email confirming the installation of your device and gives you an invitation link to sign up for a MyAllstate account.
  • Next, start driving and ensure the device remains plugged in for at least 60 days of six-month performance period.
  • Finally, make use of the Allstate mobile app or your web-based account to review or check your rewards and driving habits.

Who Should Use Allstate Drivewise?

The Allstate drivewise is available for use to all drivers apart from Allstate customers. However, the list below shows the categories of several people that can use the program.

  • Parent who want to track their teen driver’s behavior on the road.
  • Drivers who want to give Allstate a try and want to know about the saving of the insurance company.
  • Allstate customers who want to dissect and get feedback on their driving habits for safety reasons.
  • Allstate customers who want to save money
  • People who want to earn discounts and rewards

What Does Allstate Drivewise Track?

When you put on the Allstate Drivewise app or device, Allstate collects and track information using many sources which your GPS data is included. The following information is what the Drivewise program tracks;

  • The average speed when your car is moving
  • Braking
  • Accelerating (acceleration will be tracked when it exceeds 8 mph in one seconds)
  • Hard braking (braking between 8 mph and 10 mph in one second)
  •  Your location
  • The number of excessive speed changes
  • The number of miles you drive in a given hour
  • Time your trip starts and ends
  • Extreme braking (braking between over 10 mph in one second)

Pros & Cons of Allstate Drivewise


  • Get enrollment discount up to 10% for signing up
  • Improves driving habits by analyzing your driving performance
  • Parent can track their kid’s (teens) driving performance
  • Stand the chance to get premium savings for good driving habits which can be up to 30%
  • Allstate Rewards enrollees get additional benefits


  • Must reduce late night driving
  • Must drive under 18,000 miles annually to get the discounts
  • Violate data privacy
  • Rate may change every six-month policy term
  • You could get penalized for breaking some driving rules

How to Increase or Lower Your Insurance Rates with Driverwise

Well, it is likely Drivewise lowers your insurance rates in most states. However, as a new driver when you enroll in Driverwise, you stand the chance to get a premium discount of up to 10% and then it may increase to 25% every six month for good driving habits. According to, reports gathered from an Allstate spokesperson says that the savings come either as a discount or as cash back depending on the state you live, and you can only receive them when you renew your policy.

If there are instances where Drivewise records that your driving habits come with frequent accidents as a result of constant late night driving, or unexpected braking, your insurance premium won’t increase as a result of this in most states, plus you will not get a discount on your car insurance.

According to Allstate, drivers in Michigan are exempted. Drivers with good driving habits can be rewarded with a premium discount of up to 20% but reckless drivers may eventually end up with high increment in their premium by as much as 20%.

For those who don’t have an Allstate car insurance policy, they can still enjoy some fringe benefits apart from the premium discounts.  Once you enroll in Allstate Drivewise, you stand the chance to earn rewards points when you complete your safe-driving challenges. You can also redeem your promotion codes from Allstate emails and answer your survey-questions in the mobile app. Once you have successfully completed the driving challenge or another reward task given to you, the points will automatically appear in your balance on the app.

Factors to Consider for Good Driving Habits that Can Earn You Discounts   

There are certain factors you must put in place to earn reward and good discount on your premium. You can only get this when you show good driving habits by the following behavior.

  • Reduce late-night driving
  • Reduce overall driving to less than 18,000 miles per year
  • Use the brake gently and reduce sudden braking
  • Drive at a safe-speed, most times usually under 80 mph

Is Allstate Drivewise Worth It?

For safe drivers, Allstate Driverwise maybe a very good try as you stand the chance to get car insurance saving and also offers you a better way of understanding your driving habits. In most states, if your driving performance is poor; your rates won’t increase.

Although Allstate Drivewise is a good option but it also comes with its downsides. The 80 mph safe-speed may be applicable to drivers in rural areas while those in urban areas might need to engage their brake more frequently while driving. Another downside is your data privacy. The mobile app tracks your trips allowing you to analyze your driving behavior. This analysis will not be viewed by only you. Other people who can view your information include your Allstate agent, and the customer service representative who helps review your Drivewise program.