AT&T Reward Center – How to Claim Your AT&T Visa Reward

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This post focuses on AT&T reward center 2022. In this post you will learn the step by step processes of making an AT & T reward center claim.

AT&T offers a wide range of services and products which cuts across mobile telephone, internet services, telecommunications, broad-band, landline services and fixed-line.

AT&T is the world’s 23rd biggest business and second-largest mobile phone carrier across the United States and other parts of the world with approximately over 118 million subscribers worldwide with the United States ranking the top largest market.

AT&T is a very big company with millions of loyal customers plus their use of incentives of marketing strategy for keeping both existing and new customers.

If you are a potential AT&T customer who purchases goods or services, you become eligible and qualify to earn a reward from the business.  However, if you are finding it difficult to redeem your incentives, do not panic, you will learn the required step by step guide that will help you do that. Let’s quickly talk about the ATT Reward center.

AT&T Reward Center

AT&T Reward Center is where AT&T customers access and redeem their AT&T reward earned, sign up for AT&T Rewards, claim rewards, check your AT&T Reward Card balance and activity, activate their AT&T rewards cards, manage reward card, and also know their reward process. The official Website of the reward center is

Easy Steps on How to Claim AT&T Reward from Reward Center

For every AT&T customer, the first pathway to redeem your reward is by visiting the AT&T reward center official website at Keep in mind that customers eligible to claim a reward will be notified via mail and then they will be required to visit the reward center to redeem the reward before the expiration time which can be up to 30 days in most cases.    

To Claim your AT&T reward from the reward center

  • Start by checking your mail to know if you got a notification stating you have received a reward from AT&T after you purchased any of the company’s product or services especially if you have been activating and maintaining your service within 6 weeks. In the mail, you will be notified the specific time the reward will be available for claim and the necessary information you will need to follow.
  • Then, go to the AT&T reward center official website,
  • The next steps is to enter your claim number in the right side box specified field plus other information such as zip code, account number and then click OK.
  • Next, follow the prompts and be sure to enter your e-mail address or phone number, so you can get constant updates on your reward status.
  • Next, you will be redirected to claim your reward and if you have already redeemed your reward, you will be redirected to the AT&T reward tracker where you can track your reward and see your reward status.
  • Once you have completed your redemption process, you will get an instant mail notifying you have claimed your reward. You can receive your reward within 3 weeks.

What is an AT&T Reward Card

The AT&T reward card is actually meant for customers who have signed up for AT&T services online. This reward card can be a great incentive to create an account for a new service or switch from another provider.

The AT&T Visa Reward Card is a visa debit card that can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the United States, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

When Do I receive my AT&T reward card?

  • If you are eligible for the activation or qualifying service, you will receive an e-mail or letter with redemption requirements within 6 weeks from AT&T
  • Redemption is required within 75 days from the reward notification e-mail or mail date.
  • Your reward card will be delivered within 3-4 weeks after redemption. Keep in mind that you must maintain and pay for the qualifying service from the date of activation through the reward card fulfillment.

How to Manage your AT&T reward card?

If you want to activate or check the balance of your AT&T visa Reward card or AT&T Virtual visa account, it is easy.

  • Go to in the web browser of your
  • All you is to enter the first four digits of your Reward card number in the specified box
  • Then, click on the blue “manage your rewards”.

AT&T Reward Center FAQs

How Can I claim a reward online?

You can claim your reward online when you receive your notification email or letter and then visit the AT&T reward center – to review and claim your reward. To start claiming your reward, you will need to enter either your claim number (found on your reward notification email or letter) OR the billing account number that is together with your new reward-eligible service which is located at the top-right corner of your bill.

Depending on the service you subscribe to, your billing account number might vary a bit. Below is a list of what to use.

               Type of service            Number to use
Internet, and/or VoiceAccount number
AT&T High Speed InternetAccount number, but don’t include your customer code
AT&T High Speed Internet Direct RewardsAT&T High Speed Internet Direct account number
AT&T Wireless RewardsAT&T Wireless telephone number or Wireless account number
AT&T Digital Life RewardsAT&T Digital Life account number
All other rewardsAT&T home billing telephone number

Keep in mind that if you have more than one account, kindly click on the plus sign (+) add another account here and add all of your associated AT&T accounts. Plus, you can also use the claim number that came with your reward email or letter instead of your account number.  

When Will I be Able to claim my eligible rewards online?

You will be able to claim your eligible rewards online within 6 weeks of activating and maintaining service after which you will get a notification via email or letter with step by step instructions on how to redeem your reward.

How Will I check the status of a reward?

You can check your status by visiting AT&T Reward center website – and sign in with your account number and zip code OR claim#. You can also make use if the AT&T Reward Tracker to check your status. This tracker is a personalized timeline that shows you your reward at each step of the way.

How Long Will It Take for me to Receive my Reward?

It takes three weeks for most customers to receive their reward provided you have claimed your reward haven met the service requirement and your service has been confirmed. However, it may take up to nine weeks from your installation/ activation date.

What should I do after I ordered services for over 6 weeks and have not received any information on my Reward?

If you didn’t receive a reward after 6 weeks, kindly visit the AT&T reward center website – and enter your claim number or account number and zip code. All of your eligible rewards will be displayed there.

If you still have questions or any challenge on your reward, please contact the AT&T Reward Center by calling the number located on the contact us page – To help us answer your questions as quickly as possible, please have your AT&T bill on hand with the following information:

  • Services ordered
  • Date services were ordered
  • Date services were installed

How long do I have to Wait to Claim my reward?

You have a minimum of 30 days to claim your reward from the time you receive notification. Keep in mind that your reward expiration dates vary by promotion, so please take note of the claim date shown on your reward notification email or letter and on also on the reward tracker for your reward.

I just discovered my online reward has expired. Can I still claim my reward?

No, your rewards cannot be claimed after the expiration date.

What should I do when am having problems claiming my reward online and some rewards do not appear?

If you are having difficulty or challenges regarding your redeeming claim, please see the possible reasons below:

  • You rewards can be only be viewed at the reward center after 6 weeks from your installation / activation date.
  • If you have qualified for more than one reward, they may be posted to the reward center at different times.
  • Rewards may not be claimed if the service has been canceled.
  • Some rewards may not be combined with other offers.

If any of these reasons do not apply, please contact the AT&T Reward Center by calling the number located on the contact us page –