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This post focuses on the Bank of America Des – “Bank Of America NC DES Debit Card” for account holders to access their account using their login details without having any challenges.

BankofAmerica Des is popular name that is used by Global Markets agencies of Bank of America Corporation. Today, the online space has saved so many financial problems like unemployment card login, card balance, commercial enterprise banking activities, replaces gadgets that aids banking subsidiaries of Bank of America Corporation, nearby Bank of America Des, N.A., Member FDIC.

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Bank of America North Carolina DES Debit Card Login Page Portal

The North Carolina Division of Social Services offers a debit card to families and individuals who are beneficiaries from the NC supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or Food and Nutrition Services Program.

The North Carolina DES debit card is issued by the State Treasurer of North Carolina to residents of North Carolina. This card is a reloaded prepaid card that allows North Carolina residents make any purchase at any store or other places that accept MasterCard and other ATM points in the state.

On the card, you can load up $5,000 every month using your bank account via ACH transfer or e-check platform provided you have your routing number and account number of the bank you are using.

To access the North Carolina Des Debit Card login page – If by any means you experience any issue while using the website, we strongly recommend you to download the BofaPrepaid Mobile App to access the page or Call the mobile number written on the back of your Card.

DES Debit Card Support Page Portal

If you need any assistance and you want to contact the DES Debit Card Support website, you can visit

On the contact website, you get access to different support options depending on the one you are looking for. You can contact NC Des for your Unemployment data, COVID-19 information, Unemployment insurance fraud, report unemployment fraud, debit card supports, lost/stolen cards and lots more.   

If you are a claimant, the North Carolina Division of Employment Security offers you options to get unemployment benefits payments either by direct deposit or on a debit card. Keep in mind that you can only make use if the debit card option if you don’t have bank accounts. However, the cards are cost-effective, secure and easy to use for purchases and withdrawals.

According to North Carolina Department of Commerce Employment Security, the support team gave an important notice telling all claimants that as from November 2021, the N.C. Division of Employment Security (DES) will move to U.S Bank ReliaCard for all unemployment benefits paid by debit card. It was further stated that claimants will no longer receive their unemployment benefits using the Bank of America debit cards after Nov 15. This offers you a new method of payment option; you can change your preferred payment method by using your DES online account at any time.   

Payment by Direct Deposit

You can choose direct deposit as your payment method. To do this, simply use the “Change Personal information” link in your DES online account.

Payment by U.S Bank ReliaCard

Using this payment method, all debit card payment method will be deposited onto U.S. Bank ReliaCards as from Nov.15, 2021. However, if you are currently using Bank of America debit card. Do not change your payment method to direct deposit by Nov.1, 2021. This is because you will receive a new U.S. Bank ReliaCard and instructions to follow in the mail before Nov.15, 2021. If you want to learn more about the U.S. Bank ReliaCard program, you can visit

Bank Of America DES Guide & Reviews

Let’s quickly share some reviews about the Bank Of America NC DES Debit Card. The Bank Of America is the second-largest bank in the Unites States known for providing all kinds of financial services to customers across the U.S. and abroad in over 5,000 locations. The bank is stationed in 19 countries and known for its net worth and assets and also provides financial services like mortgage loans, credit cards, and other financial services to its customers.

The Bank Of America NC DES Debit Card is a debit card that serves over 4 million physical stores in the U.S. and over 30 million online stores.  The card is built a chip and PIN number for security purposes. Customers with this card, stand the chance to earn a free FICO score upon activation and no charges fee for balance transfer or overdraft.

The North Carolina Department of Employment Security (DES) Debit Card Program is a program that is created to assist individuals who don’t have bank account and want the dollars in an emergency. More importantly, it is a program designed for unemployment beneficiaries to get their benefits.

To sign in to your NC DES account or file a case or an appeal, simply go to the in the web browser of your device.

`It is important for you to know that the North Carolina DES Debit Card is given to every resident in the state who is a beneficiary of the unemployment benefits. As an individual living in North Carolina, you can get all your assets from the card.

BankofAmerica NC DES DebitCard Customer Service

Bank of America offers both individual and commercial banking services as one of the largest banks in the United States. You access all the financial services which include credit cards, loans, mortgages, and many other financial services via the online platform or by going to the nearest branch close to you.

The BankofAmerica website has a contact page that connects BofA customers with the Customer Service team or representatives. The Customer service section is stationed in over four different parts on the official Bank website. Potential cardholders can contact the bank of america des customer service using the information below.

  • Phone: (855) 847-2026 (866)
  • Email: Email Bank of America at (
  • Mail: Bank of America North Carolina DES Debit Card Cardholder Services P.O. Box 8488 Gray, Tennessee 37615-8488
  • 656-5913 TTY line for the consultation disabled
  • Outside the United States, call (423) 262-1650

You can also contactthe America des customer service on

Telephone: 1 866 213 4074

1 866 656 5913 – TTY line for the hearing impaired

If you have any further questions regarding your Unemployment Insurance guarantee or benefit payments, kindly visit the Division of Employment Security (DES) website at or contact the DES Customer Call Center at (888) 737-0259.

Bank of America des NC customer service Email:

If you are a cardholder, if you choose not to go through the other means of reaching the customer care service, you can email them directly using the email address: with any enquires, questions or comments. You will be asked to provide your name, full address, and at least 10 digits of your personal card number for verification purposes.

How to file a case/claim?

If you are interested in knowing how to file a case/claim, simply logon to the and follow the step by step guide stated on the platform.

The North Carolina Department of Employment Security website provides an easy guide for claimants who want to file for their unemployment benefits. You can however do so by going through the online application provided on the website’s interface.  

It is important for you to create an online account to file an application for unemployment protection online. Your account offers you admittance to the Claimant Self-Service Portal, where you can get information about your case anytime you want to.

How would you be Able to respond in case that you are denied?

If you experience any form of denial while filing a case, do not panic. It is time for you to file an appeal. To do this, simply logon to

How to Get Paid

If you are granted benefits, hurry up and get your North Carolina DES Debit Card. This card will you will deliver all your assets to you.

You can make use of the card anywhere Visa is accepted. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to make –purchases until next month’s payment is sent once the assets in your card are drained.   

Users who fail to accept their payment should dial 1-888-737-0259 and lodge a complaint.

How to Activate Bank Of America DES NC Debit Card

You can activate your bank of America des debit card if you have enrolled and have gotten your card.  The activation process is mainly for cardholders that have already enrolled for card online banking transactions.

If you have not enrolled and you want to enroll, you can visit the enrollment page ( On the enrollment page, simply click on the “enroll” button and follow the prompts step by step to complete your enrollment.

However, below is a quick guide on how to get your card activated. To activate;

  • Go to the card activation page – in the web browser of your device.
  • On this page, locate and click on the “already have an account” button to sign in for activation.
  • Next. Enter your card SPAN digit, expiring date, etc.
  • Wait for a response and you will have completed your activation application process.

Bank Of America DES NC| Online Banking | DES Mobile app | Sign In | Online ID

You can enroll in this security feature to safeguard your account. Simply go through this

You will get a notification on your Registered Device. Kindly verify Your Identity in the DES mobile App Now To Sign In To Online Banking.

You can enjoy the features of Mobile And Online Banking Benefits & Features Kindly visit the www.Bankofamerica.Com/Online – Mobile Check Deposits Are Subject To Verification And Not Available For Immediate Withdrawal. Different Restrictions Apply.

With the Mobile Banking App, you can select Deposit Checks, Then Help for Details, And Other Terms And Conditions. This Feature Is Available on the Mobile Banking App for IPad, iPhones, and Android Devices.

DES – Claimant Link

If you want to access your claims once you have signed in. kindly visit www.Services.Des.Nc.Gov/Claimant. and click on the link below.

DES Link

If you are looking for the DES link for any information, simply go to www.Des.Nc.Gov in the web browser of your device. The Division Of Employment Security Is Responsible For The Administration Of The Unemployment Insurance Program In The State Of North Carolina. This Program Is A Federal-State Partnership And Is Funded By Federal And State Unemployment Taxes Employers Pay On Employee Wages. Benefits Are Paid To Eligible.

Conclusion on Bank of America DES NC

A lot has been said regarding the Bank of America DES NC and several links have been provided above to guide you on how to apply for the Bank of America DES Debit Card, NCDEB debit card, and unemployment benefits. This will help you when using the Bankofamerica Com Ncdesdebitcard platform and hope it helps achieve all you want. However, this article focuses on Bank of America DES Debit Card. If you want any information on the Bank of America DES credit card, kindly visit the official website. In case you are having any issue, use the comment box below.