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How can I become a Farmers Insurance agent or how do I own a Farmers agency? A local agent is an individual working under the Farmers Insurance group that provides information and coverage on the different kinds of Insurance products and other Insurance services to Farmers customers. On the contrary, becoming a Farmers agent comes with so many benefits. Meanwhile, there are certain requirements to meet before you can become a Farmers Insurance agent. However, to become an agent in the Farmers Insurance Company you need to own an agency.

Furthermore, a Farmers Insurance agent meets the needs of the customers by filing a claim when disaster and emergencies arise. However, to get started as a Famers agent you can either build your own agency or buy an existing agency. You also need a minimum of $50,000 fee to start up an agency in your location. There are no doubt the several benefits you stand to enjoy when you make all these commitments as an agent. This serves as a business opportunity for you and wealth creating avenue to grow your community.

Benefits of Famers Insurance Agent

  • As a Farmers Insurance Agency owner, you are entitled to the University of Farmers to get a standard world-class farmers Insurance training. You also get support from the Universities.
  • As an agent, you become a valued community leader that must contribute strongly to the community.
  • You automatically get access to work with a business coach known as a District Manager or other industry professionals in the community. They help prepare you, guide you to start up and grow your business. The business coach trains you on several products and services available at Farmers Insurance. He or she also supports you on business development and execution. You also get assistance through branding and local agency placement from the coach.  
  • As an agency owner, you also have the opportunity to receive a financial incentive plan to get started.
  • You have opportunity to pass your agency to a loved one or a member of the family in your household.
  • You gain access to the freedom of managing your agency and exposure to unlimited earning potential.
  • As an agent, you get access to buy a new Farmers agency or get an existing one.
  • You have opportunity to sell and purchase service and commission rights after 2 years.
  • As an appointed agent, you get access to receive up to $10,000 as an office bonus.
  •  You also get contract value as a result of your appointment.

Requirements of Famers Insurance Agent | Famers® Insurance Agency Owner

The following requirements make you eligible to be an Agency owner.

  • The individual must have an Insurance agency for 3+ years.
  • The eligible candidate must have attained the Series 6 & 63 or equivalent preferred or ability to obtain.
  • He or she must have the Life and health, and Property and casualty Licenses.
  • He must have a minimum of $50,000 investable assets.
  • You can a business plan and a proven track record that can stand as a plus to you.

How to Become a Famers Insurance Agent

There are processes you must go through to certify you as an Agency owner even after you must have met the requirements.

  1. Explore, Select, and Contact.

Go to the Farmers District Managers and Recruiters page. Make use of the Farmers dashboard login details after signing up for an account to access the platform for an open discussion.

Explore: As an agent, you need to take your time to study, verify, and know those in your area.

Select:  In this case, you decide who you feel is best suited for you as a business coach or a District Manager and a recruiter.

Contact:  you contact a recruiter or a District Manager around you when you want to start up your agency. All you need to do is use the Agent locator search clipboard and enter your location. Then, click on “Get Started”. you can also use the search box at the top right corner of the page to find an agent.

2 . Verify your Eligibility

You need to verify your eligibility after meeting with your District Manager or Recruiter. He or she will guide you through the overall onboarding process. You will also go through a standard background check with a minimum of $50,000 cash proof of capital.

3. Licensing

To become a certified agent, you need to have a Life and Health and Property and Casualty license. Meanwhile, you must have obtained your Series 6 & 63.

4. Training and Onboarding

You will undergo an award-winning training program where you can acquire business skills. This serves as an opportunity to gather ideas to build your business. The following skills are as follows.

  • Business planning
  • Office location selection
  • Staff Hiring

5. Open for Business

After going through the required training and meeting the set requirement, you can now launch and ready for business.

How much can I earn as a Famers Insurance Agent?

Apart from the financial gain, the Farmers Insurance agent stands the chance to enjoy other financial support from the company.

  1. The Farmers agent earns an average pay of $60,446/per year and other additional bonus pay. These include Cash bonus, Stock bonus, profit sharing, Commission sharing, etc.
  2. You also get potential contract value
  3. Marketing bonus opportunity
  4. You can receive a $6,000 bonus for former Farmers employees.
  5. You get access to 3 years of monthly new agent financial support bonuses.  

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