Geico Home Insurance Review (2022)

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Does Geico have good homeowners insurance? The answer is yes. Geico home insurance provides coverage to its customer with the help of other home insurance companies. Although the company still holds its reputation as the second-largest auto insurance agency in the United States. But when it comes to cheap homeowners insurance coverage, the auto firm is not left out.

The auto insurer firm also provides standard home insurance to all Geico customers through its third-party partners. What this means is that when you purchase your homeowners insurance policy from GEICO, you will get a coverage policy from one of its partners. Geico insurance company is serviced by 31 partners on homeowners insurance policy. Geico acts as a middleman and matches you with other third-party insurer’s partners.

 However, when Geico provides one of the best homeowners insurance policies for its customers it is serviced and underwritten by one of the 31 affiliate partners. On the contrary, there are benefits attached to getting homeowners insurance from GEICO. Meanwhile, if you already have car insurance from GEICO or any type of insurance like a motorcycle and the rest. Purchasing a homeowners policy at Geico may qualify you for Geico home and auto insurance leading to a bundle and multi-policy discounts.      

What does Geico home insurance covers?

Geico partners provide homeowners policy coverage which includes the following.

  • Personal property damage – this covers the destruction and damage of personal possessions and items.
  • Dwelling coverage – this covers the damage of the structures of your house property due to fire, wind, and water damage.
  • Limited coverage – this covers jewelry, diamond bracelets, and wedding bands stolen from your home.
  • Personal liability coverage – this covers a person injured or their property damaged by you.
  • Additional cost coverage – this covers loss when you stay elsewhere if your home is uninhabitable due to flood, fire and so much more.  
  • Medical payment coverage – this covers medical bills for an injured person for which you are responsible.

Geico home insurance Discount

GEICO offers its customer home insurance discounts especially those who have already purchased the auto insurance policy.

  • Multi-policy discount: Geico homeowners insurance policy offers a bundle discount to customers who purchase both homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies.
  • Home security systems: this discount is given when you file a home insurance policy claim for damage or theft done to your home.
  •  smoke detector alarms or fire extinguishers   

How to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim with GEICO

If you want to file a homeowners insurance claim with GEICO, you can file a claim online by logging to your account or by speaking with a local insurance agent. To use the online platform, login to the GEICO official website and get the contact info of the home insurer agency.

How to Get a GEICO Home Insurance Quote

To get homeowners insurance quote from GEICO, you will be asked to provide several information about yourself. The information entails questions about your home, location of your home, details of the things inside the house, and your Social security Number thereafter you will be matched with an insurer. If you don’t like your match, you can request for another insurer through the GEICO insurance agent near you. To find an agent, visit the website and enter your location to locate any agent close to you.

After supplying the required information, you have to take the following steps to get a homeowners insurance quote.

  • Visit the website and apply for a quote
  • You can make use of the GEICO mobile app
  • Call the customer care center on (800) 841-2964
  • Talk to a local insurance agent

Geico Home Insurance Customer Service

Geico insurance customer service team tends to be easily accessible anytime because of the mobile connection between the agents and customers. You can reach the customer service team via the mobile app, website, or over the phone, 7 days a week. You can talk to a licensed insurance agent by calling the Geico home insurance phone number on (800) 841-2964. The customer service run from Monday through Friday at 7 a.m to 1 a.m EST and during weekends from 8 a.m to 10.30 p.m EST.

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