How to Cheat Allstate Drivewise App (Revealed)

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How can I cheat my Allstate Drivewise app? First and foremost, the drivewise is one of the safest driving tools which comes in form of a mobile app to help monitors your driving everyday your car is on the move. This tracks several things when you drive your vehicle which is sometimes regarded as your “driving habits”. Some of these habits include speed, braking style, time and day of driving even late nights. Efforts to successfully get yourself a good driving habit on the Allstate drivewise app may earn a discount and other benefits. But on the contrary, if you know you have a bad driving habit and you are looking forward to learning how to cheat Allstate Drivewise app, this post will guide you on all you need to know. But let’s quickly dive into the several bonuses and discounts you have on the Allstate drivewise app.

How Does Allstate Drivewise Bonus Work?

Allstate insurance company offers a three perrecent enrollment discount package for any customer who signs up for their drivewise program. This discount is applied immediately to your policy when you activate your drivewise program and remains on your policy as long as you are still using the Drivewise mobile app program irrespective of your driving behavior afterwards.

There are three types of rewards you stand to benefit as a policy holder from on the Allstate Drivewise program. They include:

  • Allstate rewards
  • Performance rewards
  • Enrollment discounts

How Do I Know My Allstate Drivewise Information Is Used?

According to Allstate Drivewise FAQ, Allstate uses three important sets of information from your Drivewise app to calculate your rewards. These pieces of information include speed, braking and time of day. Keep in mind that the Allstate insurance company will not sell your personal information to any other parties but only share your driving data with third-parties working hand in hand with its company to calculate your rewards.

The Allstate drivewise app provides an overall “trip score” based on the information gathered by app program to determine your reward. Your reward percentage is calculated by the app on three important factors which include the speed of your driving especially when it is over 80 mph, records the number of hard or extreme braking incident you had, how many hour you spent on late night driving.

The third-parties Allstsate shares your personal data with use the information to ensure you comply with law enforcement, check for fraud, claims, help maintain good driving habits and other important situations. You can also find this on the Allstate’s privacy policy, it is therefore important you read before beginning registration for the program.

However, it important for you to know that Allstate uses this information to get your Drivewise discounts as a driver. The Allstate Drivewise app works in background of your mobile device to monitor and gather information about your driving habits which at the end becomes rewarding in terms of discounts for you if you end up with a good driving habits.

The Drivewise app is also configured with a “driving challenges” features which when completed can be secret way to earn Allstate Rewards points. Please be reminded that this program is also available to non-customers of Allstate.

How to Cheat Allstate Drivewise App

This is a big question from those who want to know how to cheat the Allstate Drivewise app. As a matter of fact, the configuration of the mobile app is built with high quality software that can be difficult to manipulate plus it is a breach of contract and law on your part that comes with heavy punishment. This is because in cases like this where you want to cheat the program, you are likely to lose your insurance policy and other losses attached.

Although it may be easier for you to find out how to cheat the app, however Allstate Drivewise does not show how it stops users from cheating. But on the contrary, users can tamper with mobile app in order to cheat the Allstate Drivewise app which includes adjusting the mobile app to ignore hard braking. This may result in some dire consequences you never wished to experience.

If Allstate Drivewise catches you cheating on the mobile app, you are likely to face heavy consequences which include:

  • Loss of discounts
  • Legal action taken against you
  • Possible loss of service
  • Loss of rewards

Final words: it may be wise to driving safely to earn rewards instead of modifying the app to increase your rewards which can come with dire consequences.