10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA

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10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA – The best hockey prep schools in the USA will prepare you for your career as a professional hockey player. These schools will prepare you for what is to come when you want to take up hockey as a full-time career. Hockey prep school will give you the exposure that you need and allow you to meet up with other young hockey players.

10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA

As an aspiring hockey player, it is very important to enroll in the best hockey prep that you can find in the United States. This will allow you to meet up with other young players and enhance your game. At the school, you will be properly trained and will compete with other players.

Furthermore, enrolling in a hockey school will give you a glimpse of what your life will be like when you pick hockey as a profession. You will be equipped with skills that will help your career path. If you are interested in hockey, then you should enroll in either of the best hockey prep schools in USA.

What is Hockey School?

Hockey school is a prep school where all the ice-bound sports are taught. This academy trains young players and transforms them into even better players. In this academy, their sole aim is to get the young players into the National Hockey League (NHL).

Hockey schools are pre-arranged for the best aspiring hockey players in their area. There are lots of hockey schools that provide a full educational system to their pupils so that they can learn like they would in regular schools while focusing on hockey.

10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA – Furthermore, the pupils will take some classes like the rest of the students, but they will also take the classes specified for hockey training and practice long hours each day.

Why Should You Enroll in a Hockey Boarding School in USA?

Enrolling in a hockey school is really worth it if you want to pursue hockey as a profession. Parents who have seen the potential in their child should highly consider enrolling him or her in a hockey prep school to enhance their skills.

In addition, students who attend hockey schools are more mature than those who don’t because they are taught skills that make them independent.

Furthermore, the hockey academy gains international attention. This is very great for students who want to take hockey as a profession. These prep schools also have their own ice rinks where students can practice for long hours.

10 Best Hockey Prep Schools in USA

The best hockey prep school enables the student to develop independent skills that will be very beneficial in their hockey career. They will also have their own ice rink to train on for as long as they want. Here are some of the best hockey prep schools:

1. The Taft School

This prestigious hockey prep school has been running since 1890 and has over 600 students. This academy is currently ranked first among several hokey prep schools. Taft integrates both athletic and academic excellence into one school’s curriculum.

This is the ideal school for your future hockey player. Furthermore, Taft allows students to play hockey through a student-athlete who aspires to play at all levels.

2. Deerfield Academy

This is also a prestigious hockey prep academy in the United States. Located in New England, Deerfield Academy charges its pupil in grades 9 through 12 a tuition fee of $58,050. This is for a small team classroom where each student has the full attention of the teacher.

The classroom consists of 12 pupils. Its education system has managed to get its pupils into major leagues in the previous years, and it guarantees the best spot for students at an Ivy League school.

3. Noble and Greenough School

Located in Massachusetts, Noble and Greenough is one of the best hockey prep schools in the country. It has been ranked as the 18th best hockey academy in the United States. It has a 24 percent acceptance rate, and its tuition for grades 9 to 12 costs about $56,000 per year.

4. Avon Old Farms

This hockey prep school is also a college prep academy. It has small class settings, with only six students in a class. In the past few years, the Avon Old Farms hockey team has won eight divisional championships in New England. In addition, they have notable alumni such as Cam Atkinson, Nick Bonino, and Jonathan Quick.

5. Culver Military Academy

Culver Military Academy is one of the best hockey prep schools in the United States. Located in Indiana, this school offers boarding services to both girls and boys with the sole aim of enhancing their status as leaders and valuable members of society.

Culver Military Academy also offers college prep courses for its students. Over the years, this school has produced over 26 National Hockey League draft picks.

6. Cushing Academy

This is yet another coed hockey school located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Cushing Academy has a 65% acceptance rate, and it has a lasting history of hockey success.

The sports team is directed by Steve Jacobs himself, and this is one of the best prep schools for hockey. The class has one student who is 12 and is a two-time winner of the New England Championship.

7. Shattuck-St. Mary’s

Shattuck-St. Mary’s is a Christian school that has more than seven hockey teams and more than 449 students. It offers hockey training for both boys and girls. Its tuition starts at $52,750, and it also serves as a college prep in its tiny classes.

8. The Salisbury Schools

The Salisbury is a three-time winner of the New England championship. Also famous for its academic excellence, it offers college prep for its students from grades 9 to 12.

The Salisbury Schools have strived to provide outstanding students and shape them into amazing people who are confident in what they do. Some of its notable alumni are Alex Beiga, Mark Arcobello, and Paul Carey.

9. Phillips Andover

Phillips Andover is an all-girl hockey boarding school. This school is also a magnet for scouts from Ivy League, NESCAC, and Hockey East teams. Phillips Andover is one of the oldest high schools in the United States. Its tuition fee is $53,900, and it has a 13% acceptance rate.

10. Belmont Hill School

Belmont Hill School offers boarding schools for boys in grades 9 to 12. Its sole aim is to motivate and challenge pupils to find and pursue a passion. In this school, students strive for excellence both in class and on the ice rink. In 39 seasons, Belmont Hill High has won 707 games.

How Much Does Hockey School Cost in USA?

Boarding schools are expensive in the United States, so if you are looking to enroll your child in a boarding school, it would be beneficial to know the cost of the tuition first.

Meanwhile, the tuition for hockey prep school varies depending on the school, ratings, and other factors. However, the average price for a hockey prep school ranges from $9,600 to $90,000 per year. There are other public schools to consider that cost below $20,000 per year.