About us

Thesourcegist.com (formerly Maketechgist.com) is a blog website that focuses on technology development and general information. The platform is interested in raising standard and world-class tech experts in different continents like Africa, Europe, North and South America and other parts of the globe. The website offers helpful information on improvement in technology and development of the world through educating human minds that help transform lives positively.

Research has shown that a normal man fails to acknowledge the importance of information. Meanwhile, with the aid of technology via smartphones and other devices like PCs, Tablets, etc. Thesourcegist.com, as a team is ready to aid learning by passing information to many African countries, European, and across the globe without any form of limitation to other races.

Furthermore, we share information on technology, news,  entertainment, and finance, particularly in continents like Africa, Europe, and many other continents around the four walls of the globe. The world has always shown interest in happenings around the globe because of the educative mind the citizens of every country possesses but they have been left out in the tech world. With the support of devices like smartphones, laptops, etc in the technology sector. We can bring advancement in technology in all parts of the world by providing valid and helpful information.

Vision and Mission

Thesourcegist.com operates as a team that is ready to educate users by sharing vital information and disseminate current happenings in the technology world. This is to enhance and build a better world as it becomes a paramount case study for development.

The goal of the team is to provide internet solutions. We look forward to providing service to humanity through the “internet stuff”. Thesourcegist is targeted at raising tech gurus in  African and European cities and reducing the level of Unemployment, a social problem in the African continents.

What We Offer

Thesourcegist, As the name implies; we provide and disseminate educative information on Tech. We render possible solutions to technological problems in every sector of the internet world. On our platform, you get information on” how to” unlock hidden information to newly launched and just released gadgets. We also promote businesses in tech products.

How to Find Us

Our job as a team is to provide quality information through the internet. You can always get in contact with us by accessing our contact page as we provide a 24/7 service to all our users. We provide an immediate response to any tech problems. However, you can send an email to us or leave a comment on our comment section. Our tech team is always looking forward to serving you.

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Thesourcegist.com is an online platform that empowers technology. We provide helpful information to solve tech problems via the Internet. We, MakeTechGist.com are a solution provider as we assist and give technical support to our users.

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Our technical team operates 24/7 technical support to everyone without the restriction of any form. However, users can contact us via our email address or drop a comment on the comment box. You can also contact us for your sponsored post via the email address below. 

Email Address: maketechgist@gmail.com

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