5 Wikipedia Alternatives That You Can Use

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5 Wikipedia Alternatives That You Can Use – Do you want to know about other alternatives to Wikipedia? If affirmative, then I urge that you read through this blog post. I will provide a list of some alternatives to Wikipedia. Unlike traditional Wikipedia, some of these websites won’t release the full length of the article unless you have a paid subscription. They have accurate information from well-known publishers around the globe.

5 Wikipedia Alternatives That You Can Use

Furthermore, when it comes to information, Wikipedia is most people’s go-to website for accurate data. But these other websites just have accurate data, like Wikipedia. For instance, Encyclopedia Britannica is another famous alternative to Wikipedia. However, you need to sign up for an account and pay to see the full length of the article you are searching for.

Top 5 Wikipedia Alternatives

On the internet, several sources have accurate information, just like Wikipedia. You can get information from this source without worrying about its validity. In this section, I will compile a list of some of the best alternatives to Wikipedia and its official website link. Here are some good sources other than Wikipedia:


This is a niche website that holds a lot of knowledge. This Christian-influenced wiki encyclopedia is very conservative. Information that contains foul language, offensive topics, or sexual topics is highly prohibited by the site editorial team. In addition, it is more like Conservapedia users follow the website’s seven commandments.

Website: www.conservapedia.com/


Created by one of the founders of Wikipedia, Citizendium is one of the alternatives to Wikipedia. Other than having better peer review, this website compels all its users to register for the website with their real names. This makes it harder for users to vandalize or otherwise abuse the website and return if they are kicked off.

Website: www.citizendium.org

World Book Online

World Book Online is another encyclopedia that has made the move to the internet to challenge the traditional Wikipedia. It is directed towards younger school students, but it is still respected in terms of general reference. However, you won’t get a full-length article unless you sign up for an account and subscribe to a plan.

Website: www.worldbookonline.com

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

This is Wikipedia’s main rival in terms of the traditional encyclopedia. This website has every current volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica and is a very easy tool for searching. Although it doesn’t follow Wikipedia’s model, it is still very reliable, and you can get facts from it. Unlike Wikipedia, you won’t see full-length articles unless you sign up for an account and pay for a subscription.

Website: www.encyclopedia.com


Created by Pearson PLC, the world’s largest education company and textbook producer, Infoplease is a free online encyclopedia. It has maps, definitions, and information articles from publications that are known in the public school system all around the world, such as Random House Publishing and Penguin Group. Infoplease even has a companion website called FactMonster, which is designed to appeal to children and is easily accessible.

Website: www.infoplease.com

These are some of the best alternatives to Wikipedia that you can find on the internet today. All information is precise and up-to-date. They are even published by world-famous publishers. Some of them are free online encyclopedias, while others require you to sign up for an account and pay for a subscription.