Anker PowerHouse 767 – Specs and Price

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If we are going to talk about power stations, we need to add Anker PowerHouse 767 to the list. However, if we are also going to talk about mobile power stations, we need to add Anker PowerHouse 767 to the best list as well. This is also among the best power stations that have been brought into the world of technology.

Anker PowerHouse 767 - Specs and Price

The company “Anker” has released its latest addition to the world of technology by presenting this powerful power station to the market. As mentioned before, this is a power station, but it’s also a powerful power station on wheels. This is their most extraordinary power station to date, and it’s a good device.

The power stations have been a strong tool for happy campers or people who are just extreme outdoor enthusiasts. That is, until Anker releases this mobile power device, which serves as a good backup plan for power outages.

Features of Anker PowerHouse 767

Many things are as good and powerful as the PowerHouse 767, as its name implies. The Anker PowerHouse 767 is a mobile power station that has a battery capacity of 2,048 Wh. All its energy is stored in the LiFePO4 battery cells, which are extremely durable.

Along with that, reliability and safety are promised words from the manufacturer, as it has 3000 charging cycles and about 10 years of service life. This equates to a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Moreover, the Anker PowerHouse station is well-defined based on its power of 2,300 W and its continuous benefits. This means that it can supply many devices with power, either for work or leisure. These devices could range from your smart tablets or notebooks to your chainsaw, for example.


Here are the special specifications of the great Anker PowerHouse 767 and how unique it is:

XT60 Input11-32V= 10A Max, 50Hz
Car Charger Output12V=10A
Charging Temperature32°F – 104° F / 0°C – 40°C
Discharging Temperature-4°F – 104°F / -20°C – 40°C
Number of PortsTotal: 10 USB -C x 2 USB -A x 3 AC x 3Car x2
USB-A Output5V=2.4A (2.4A Max Per Port)
Battery Cycle3,000
Battery TypeLFP(LiFePO4) Battery
Warranty5 Years
AC Output (Inverter Mode)230V~ 10A, 50Hz, 2300W Max
AC Output (Bypass Mode)220-240V~ 9.5A Max, 50Hz, 2280VA/2280W Max
AC Input Voltage (Charging)2200W Max
AX Input Voltage220 -240V~ 10A Max, 50Hz
USC-C Output5V=3A / 9V=3A/ 15V=3A/ 20V=3A 20V=5A

About Charging

Another appealing feature of the Anker PowerHouse 767 is its long battery life after charging and short charging time. The PowerHouse 767 can conveniently supply all external devices with power through the USB and built-in inverter. Of course, this is after the power station has its 2,048 Wh battery fully charged.

Moreover, it is tested and trusted to be charged up to 80 percent within an hour. In conclusion, the Anker PowerHouse can be fully charged within an hour and a half, which is surprisingly faster than other products.

One of the fastest ways you can charge the PowerHouse 767 is through a power outlet. You only have to connect the cable with an earthed plug on one side and an IEC plug to the power station.

Charging the Anker PowerHouse Through a Solar Panel

Another way that you can charge this power station is through solar energy. This is also due to the fact that the power station is also a solar generator. This comes as the Anker PowerHouse 767 comes with two 200-watt panels, which are known to cost about 3,700 euros or so.

Furthermore, the XT60 input is suitable for solar charging with the power station. This means that the Anker PowerHouse 767 can be charged at 11–32 volts for up to 1,000 W.10 A: 32 – 60V, 20A) all through the solar panels.

How Much is Anker Powerhouse 767?

The Anker PowerHouse 767 power station is available for around $1,999 on Amazon, € 2,299 with free shipping on, and € 2,281.27 on, among other sites. You can simply follow through with some of the websites, especially Amazon, to find out when you are likely to get your Anker PowerHouse 767.

Can Anker PowerHouse 767 Charge an Electric Car?

Yes, it can. But you will need to buy a bonded plug to charge your electric car with this power station. You can charge your electric car once you plug it into any of the outlets.

Where To Buy Anker PowerHouse

In the meantime, there are tons of online stores where you can purchase this portable power station. Perhaps you’re interested in buying an Anker 767. You can visit any of the online stores below:

  • Anker
  • Amazon
  • Solar Power Supply
  • eBay

On Anker’s official website, the power station currently costs $1,999. Mind you, they are running a promo, so hurry to get yours as the offer ends soon.