Audible – Stream Audiobooks And Podcasts

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Don’t have time to read all your favorite books? We suggest you give audiobooks a trial since you can listen to all your favorite books while your hands are busy. You will find it more convenient and enjoyable. But the question is how do I subscribe to an audiobook? I at this moment introduce to you an exclusive platform known as Audible.

Audible - Stream Audiobooks And Podcasts

What is Audible?

This online audiobook and podcast service from Amazon enables online users to purchase and stream audiobook and spoken word content. According to research, it is the United States’ largest audiobook producer and retailer.

Audible stands out among other audiobook sites like Google Audiobook, Downpour, Librivox, and the rest due to its extensive library. It has a giant library of more than 200,000 unique titles and stories. Through this platform, you can gain access to hundreds of Audible original titles that can’t be found on any other site.

Audiobooks are available in different categories for everyone both for kids and adults.  Some of its categories are Fiction and literature, Mystery, History, Romance, Money, and Finance, etc.  And if you’re a lover of podcasts, you will find thousands of educative and informative podcasts to listen to.  

How Can I Listen to Audible Audiobook?

You can access Audible via your web browser or download the app to your mobile device. The app is free to download and can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Aside from using your mobile device, you can listen to Audible on Alexa. However, you must have an Amazon account before can start listening to your favorite audiobook on this portal.

How Does Audible Membership Work?

As a new member, the platform provides you with a free 30-day trial and when your trial is over, you will automatically be charged a monthly subscription fee. After your free trial, you can either subscribe to the Audible Plus or Audible Premium plan. The Audible Plus comes with unlimited access to streaming and listening from the Audible Plus catalog and it costs $ 7.95 a month.

While the premium Plus comes with all the benefits of the Plus plan and an additional bonus of 1 credit per month.  This means each month you also get awards with one credit. You can use your credit to purchase any audiobook on the platform regardless of its category. If you want more audiobooks, you can purchase more credit or pay per audiobook.

Best Selling Audiobooks on Audible

  • Billy Summers
  • In Her Tracks
  • We Were Never Here
  • Greenlights
  • The Last Thing He Told Me
  • Atomic Habits
  • Project Hail Mary
  • Dune
  • I Alone Can Fix It
  • Nolyn
  • Harry Potter and the Soccer’s Stone
  • Green World
  • Numbers Don’t Lie
  • Here Right Matters
  • Can’t Hurt Me
  • Blind Tiger
  • Malibu Rising
  • The Midnight Library

Is The Platform Worth it?

If you are a lover of books, then paying to get an Audible audiobook is worth it. You will find thousands of amazing audiobooks to buy on this platform. Besides, if you aren’t enjoying a book or you downloaded the wrong book by mistake, you can return it and retrieve your credit.  And also, don’t forget that your first audiobook is free. You get to enjoy a free 30-day trial before you can start paying for your favorite book. In conclusion, Audible is worth it.