Best Places To Rent A Helicopter In Nigeria

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What are the best places to rent A Helicopter in Nigeria? In Nigeria, helicopters are recognized by most people, with some even utilizing them for travel. However, locating the optimal destinations to rent a helicopter can still prove challenging for some.

Best Places To Rent A Helicopter In Nigeria

If you’re currently in search of helicopter rental options, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to provide you with a comprehensive list of the finest places to rent a helicopter.

Before delving into the options, let’s clarify what a helicopter is, as not everyone possesses an in-depth understanding. A helicopter is an aircraft equipped with at least one horizontal rotor, enabling it to both takeoff and land in any direction.

Helicopters are commonly associated with transportation, particularly for international or inter-state travel. Unlike fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters can maneuver in any direction and don’t require a runway for takeoff or landing.

While many of us have witnessed helicopters soaring through the sky, this article is aimed at guiding you toward the easiest process of renting one, eliminating any unnecessary stress. Helicopters may also go by names like “copter,” “whirlybird,” or “chopper.”

Without further ado, here’s a compilation of the best places to rent a helicopter:

Best Places To Rent Helicopter In Nigeria

Bristow Helicopter Limited

Bristow Helicopters Limited is a premier choice for helicopter rentals. They prioritize excellent customer service and even offer parking facilities. Based in Lagos, they primarily cater to the oil sector. For a hassle-free helicopter rental experience, consider Bristow Helicopter Limited.

Best Places To Rent Helicopter- Jedidiah Air

Jedidiah Air, also based in Lagos, is renowned for private air travel services. They specialize in exclusive charters, consultancy, air cargo, and more. If you’re planning inter-state or international travel, Jedidiah Air is a reliable option.

On Tour Travels

OnTour Travels is a reputable travel agency offering a wide range of services including helicopter rentals. They excel in visa assistance, hotel bookings, and more. Count on them for a seamless helicopter rental experience.

Wingman Travels & Tours

For affordable helicopter rentals, Wingman Travels & Tours is a popular choice. They provide air charter services for both local and international trips. Whether it’s a family vacation or a holiday, they have competitive rates.

Best Places To Rent Helicopter- Pan African Airlines

As an indigenous Nigerian transportation company, Pan African Airlines offers charter services for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. Their reliability and charter options make them a go-to for helicopter rentals.

Esteik Travels & Tours Limited

Esteik Travels & Tours Limited specializes in travel assistance. They stand as a dependable option for helicopter charters and tour packaging. Expect exceptional service tailored to your needs.

Caverton Helicopters

Caverton Helicopters Limited caters to offshore oil and gas industries, as well as other business sectors. Their respectful approach to customers and broad service offerings make them a reputable helicopter rental choice.

Best Places To Rent Helicopter- 3Q Aviation

With its dynamic aviation services, 3Q Aviation operates out of Lagos. They provide comprehensive flight support services, including non-scheduled flight operations within and outside Nigeria.

Aurick Travels

Aurick Travels offers comprehensive services related to travel and tourism. For those seeking a helicopter rental for travel or tours, their dedication to excellent service is noteworthy.

Royalties Tours

Royalties Tours focuses on delivering high-quality travel services with innovative ideas. As one of the best places to rent helicopters, they ensure you receive top-notch service.


This article has provided you with an array of trusted options for renting helicopters in Nigeria. By choosing from the mentioned locations, you can confidently select a helicopter rental service that suits your needs.

Whether you’re planning travel, tours, or specific engagements, these establishments have you covered. This comprehensive guide ensures that finding a helicopter rental is a smooth and stress-free experience.