Best Short-Term Rental Insurance Companies

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If you allow people to reside in your vacation home or place of business for a short period, you should secure one of the best short-term rental insurance from reputable companies. Moreover, as their visitors are using beds and cooking in unfamiliar kitchens, the hosts must be prepared for unforeseen incidents. These incidents may include grease fires, plumbing mishaps, stolen goods, and unintentional guest injuries.

Best Short-Term Rental Insurance Companies

Additionally, we reviewed a few insurance companies to assist you in selecting the best short-term rental insurance for your needs based on various criteria. These criteria include cost and coverage options, the AM Top financial stability rating, and complaint rates. Furthermore, it’s crucial to note that this kind of insurance coverage may go by several names and call for different kinds of insurance policies depending on the provider.

What is short-term rental insurance

Short-term rental insurance, also known as home-sharing insurance, is a form of insurance that protects your possessions and any liabilities while tenants are residing in your house. Moreover, short-term rental insurance may offer an endorsement to your current home insurance or provide stand-alone policies by companies.

While free insurance may be provided by home-sharing firms to hosts and their visitors, this coverage is frequently restricted. Furthermore, a more thorough level of coverage may be obtained by purchasing short-term rental insurance.

The Best Short-Term Rental Insurance Companies

In addition to an already-existing homeowners insurance policy, several significant home insurance companies provide short-term home-sharing insurance. Moreover, stand-alone policies are sold by other companies that specialize in short-term rental insurance.

Proper Insurance

Proper Insurance is a property and casualty insurance provider that’s located in Maryland. It provides an all-inclusive Lloyd’s of London insurance policy for short-term vacation rental properties. The regulation provides coverage to property managers and owners due to the rise in short-term rentals on platforms like Airbnb.

Moreover, Proper offers direct policy sales through its website or phone line in all 50 states. In addition, their insurance costs between $1,500 and $3,500, and they have a significant coverage policy. This includes $10,000 to $50,000 in ordinance coverage and sinkhole collapse coverage.


Allstate’s Host Advantage program is a cheap option to add current homeowner insurance and mobile apps with short-term rental coverage. It provides an extensive agent network, a bundling policy, and an easy claiming process. Additionally, it is only offered for six-month contracts, has expensive pricing, and receives customer satisfaction ratings.

Moreover, it provides building codes, liability, flood insurance, umbrella coverage, and policies for landlords that cover buildings, homes, vandalism, burglary, fair rental income, and medical coverage. Also, the cost of short-term rental endorsements can be influenced by factors such as location, size, age, family liability, and guest medical coverage.


CBIZ’s holiday rental insurance is less expensive than that of commercial or landlord property insurance, providing a single policy for homeowners and visitors. Generally, it has a high customer satisfaction rating and is accessible in all 50 states.

Moreover, the company offers insurance coverage that covers replacement costs, damage by guests, loss of use, additional expenses, and loss of rental income. Typically, these expenses are covered by the owners of short-term vacation and rental properties. Furthermore, CBIZ provides comprehensive liability coverage for pools, docks, lakes, hot tubs, bicycles, workout equipment, small boats, and pets.


Farmers is a reputable company that is suitable for landlords looking for insurance for short-term rentals. Their insurance provides optional coverage for lost rent, personal property, and personal liability, as well as comprehensive property coverage. Additionally, it also provides insurance in every state, with bundling discounts and discounts for physicians, teachers, and other professionals.

They have fewer complaints than anticipated and provide claim forgiveness to loyal consumers. However, their online quotation only offers limited information, and some coverage is only accessible as part of the policy. Moreover, Farmers offers vacation and rental property insurance through a network of brokers, with bundling savings without requiring home insurance.

American Modern

American Modern is an excellent insurance provider that provides rented house insurance, rental property insurance, and coverage for older properties. Additionally, it provides a handy online and phone support system, along with bundle savings. Generally, American Modern was established in 1938, is available in all 50 states, and has an A+ financial strength grade from AM Best.

With an average annual cost of $2,000, the company offers occasional rental coverage with short-term rental insurance. However, a primary residence policy is not necessary for short-term rental coverage. Also, furniture and other constructions are not covered under standard coverage, although they can be added if necessary.

American Family

American Family provides an inexpensive choice for short-term rental insurance for homeowners who rent out their properties for fewer than 62 days a year. Through this program, homeowners can lower their premiums by adding a landlord’s endorsement and short-term rental coverage to their current policy.

Moreover, savings for safety features and smart home appliances are among the benefits, as are savings for bundling, loyalty, and generational purchases. However, not all states provide the program, and frequent renters might not find it appropriate. Through a local agent, you may utilize the user-friendly online quotation service provided by American Family. However, only 19 states are served by the company’s home insurance coverage.


USAA’s Rental Property Insurance offers home-sharing coverage when you rent your property through websites like Airbnb and VRBO. Moreover, liability and damage coverage are included in home-sharing packages when renting out your house for less than thirty days. Furthermore, policies are exclusively available from the USAA to veterans, active-duty personnel, and their families.


Safely offers several interesting benefits, like being a specialized provider of holiday rental insurance. The company’s “Check a Guest” and “Check a Home” services provide background checks on potential hosts and guests, enhancing the platform’s security and appearance. Additionally, Safely provides a payment protection service that functions as a sort of escrow by delaying payment until after the stay to guarantee that everyone is happy.


Intasure is a UK-based insurance company that offers coverage designed especially for Airbnb hosts. Their Airbnb host policy provides accidental damage coverage, public liability coverage, and compensation for loss of rent in the event of an insured claim for stays up to six months. Furthermore, the organization is a fantastic choice for hosts in the United Kingdom because of its excellent reputation among its users.

Major Benefits of Short-Term Insurance Companies

Short-term rental insurance is suitable for those renting homes for short stays on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo, through referrals or newspaper ads. Furthermore, it provides additional coverage beyond homeowners and dwelling policies to handle the risks associated with hosting short-term guests.