Capfin Loan Application – Apply Online, By Cell Phone, and In-Store

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Taking out loans is the most common solution for businesses facing financial problems and on the verge of folding. For a quick loan application, I recommend a Capfin loan. Not only is this loan provider fast, but they offer loans of up to R50,000 and the application takes only 2 minutes.

Capfin Loan Application - Apply Online, By Cell Phone, and In-Store

You can apply online or via SMS. In this write-up, I will guide you on how to apply for a loan at Capfin, the documents required, and how to apply through SMS. Capfin is a personal loan provider in South Africa that provides personal loans for as low as R1 each day.

Small business owners opt for Capfin loans. Within 2 minutes, you can receive a personal loan of up to R50,000. The Capfin loan application process is fast and easy, and it is an excellent option for building your credit score. The application process for a loan at Capfin Loan takes less than 2 minutes.

Capfin approves loans of up to R50,000 within a 24-month repayment period. Applying for a loan at Capfin is effortless as the whole application process takes just a few minutes as long as you have all the necessary documents required. 

Capfin Loan Requirement

Before you can apply for a loan at Capfin, you need to have all the important documents required:

  • You must have a valid South African ID.
  • Have a current cell phone number
  • Have a South African bank account that is active.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Be employed permanently and earn a monthly salary.
  • Have three recent bank statements or three recent pay stubs.

The amount you are qualified to borrow will vary depending on the result of your affordability assessment, which depends on some factors such as your income, monthly expenses, and credit profile. This is to ensure you can pay the monthly payments over the loan period.

After you have provided all the important documents required, you should choose the method you want to use to apply for the loan. There are 3 ways to apply for a Capfin loan: online application, SMS, and in-person application. For the application process, Capfin will perform a credit check.

How to Apply for Capfin Loan

You can apply for a Capfin loan in three ways: online application, offline application, and through your cellphone.

Capfin Online Loan Application

To apply online, follow the steps below:

  • Visit Capfin’s loan application official website at
  • Click on Apply Now.
  • Enter all your details such as your name, SA ID number, phone number, and email address.
  • Check the terms and conditions box.
  • Once you click submit, your Capfin account is created.
  • Once you are logged in, fill out the application form and follow the instructions to apply and submit it.

You can log in to your profile with your SA ID number and the OTP sent to your phone number to check your loan status, update your details, apply for a loan, and perform account management tasks.

Capfin Loan Application via Cell Phone Number

If you want to apply for a capfin loan via your cell phone, you need to fill out the registration form. The registration form includes:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Cell phone number
  • South African ID number
  • Email address.

You can submit a loan application through your mobile device. To do this, you can send a message with your SA ID number to 33005. Afterward, a loan application form will be sent to you with steps to follow. 

Capfin Loan In-Store Application

You can visit any PEP store to apply for a Capfin loan. All you need to do is take the required documents and the cashier will assist you with your application. Capfin will process your documents and perform a credit inquiry on your loan application.

After that, they will tell you the loan amount you can get based on your details. If you agree to the amount of the loan that you qualify for, notify Capfin for the complete processing of your loan agreement.

How to Submit Your Documents

  • Upload your document online by selecting the upload tab on the website.
  • Scan your document at any PEP or Ackerman’s store nationwide.
  • Send your documents to, referencing your South African ID number in the subject line.
  • Fax your document to 086-688-0000 with your South African ID number.

How Long Does Capfin Take to Approve a Loan

There is no standard time for loan approval at Capfin. Once you have filled out the application for a loan, Capfin will perform a credit check and check the information and documents you provide if they are true and reliable.

This process takes up to a week, but you can call 087-354-0000 to track your Capfin loan status. Once your loan is approved, the loan amount will be debited from your bank account within 2 business days.

How to Check Your Capfin Balance Online

Checking your Capfin loan balance is as effortless as applying for a loan. You need to log in to your Capfin account using your South African ID number and OTP to check your loan balance.