Coinbase PayPal – Transfer Crypto From PayPal to Coinbase

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You probably would have heard of Coinbase PayPal and you’re wondering whether you can use the service or not. Or maybe you have been searching for steps and guidelines that enable you Link or Connect your PayPal to your Coinbase Account. You can read through this write Up to the very end for questions to all your answers.

Coinbase PayPal - Transfer Crypto From PayPal to Coinbase

Without a doubt, PayPal is one of the most secure and most used online payment platforms with millions of users across the world. Aside from making or performing secure transactions with PayPal, you can also buy a cryptocurrency and add US dollars to your account. However, only US users can access the earlier-mentioned services while other customers can use PayPal to sell, make purchases and transact depending on their region or country.

Coinbase on the other hand is among the secure online platforms where online users can buy, sell, transfer and store digital Currency. To enable people in the US to buy Crypto with ease, Coinbase PayPal was introduced. 

US customers can shop for Crypto on Coin base using their Debit Cards and Bank Accounts connected or Linked to PayPal. This feature was created with the vision of helping Individuals Purchase Cryptocurrency seamlessly without going through any form of stress. You can instantly fund your crypto Purchase on Coin base using your PayPal Account. Besides, it is safe and secure to use the feature as you get to explore the world of Crypto.

Why Use PayPal to Buy Crypto on Coinbase?

There are so many reasons why you need to use PayPal to instantly fund your Coinbase account after purchasing Crypto. Aside from the fact that the feature is secure and safe to use. It is also simple and easy and it is faster to use. Instead of performing a wire transfer which might take your time and effort, you can quickly make payment for your crypto purchase on Coinbase using the Debit card linked to your PayPal. In addition, PayPal has built the necessary tools to ensure that the service is transparent and secure to use. You get to enjoy secure and easy access to the crypto economy.

How do I Link PayPal to My Coinbase Account?

As stated above, PayPal with Coinbase is only available or can be used in the US for now. However, PayPal is planning on expanding this feature to more countries. For US citizens, you can link or connect your PayPal to your Coinbase account by following the below steps.

  • Carefully Complete all the required Identity document Verification steps and that the country you are residing in is correct
  • Right from your Account setting, tap On PAYMENT METHODS
  • Then, click on LINK NEW ACCOUNT from your  Computer
  • Or click on ADD A PAYMENT METHOD in the Mobile App
  • Choose PayPal and you will be required to log in to your PayPal Account

Following the above steps and guidelines, you will be able to connect your PayPal Account to that of your Coinbase Account. You can equally submit a request to Coinbase about linking your PayPal account with your Coinbase account.

Final Thought

It is worthy to note that; if your PayPal Email doesn’t match with your Coin base Email. You will be required to complete a two-factor authentication On Coinbase for security Reasons.  Also, your PayPal country must be the same as your Coinbase Account country. It is only possible to Link your PayPal account to One PayPal at a time. In order to add a different PayPal, you must unlink the previous account added.  To unlink or disconnect your PayPal, select setting, then tap Payment Method and choose Delete.

You can sign in to your PayPal to select another payment method. Note again; All US Customers must have a valid payment method such as a bank account or Debit Card linked to their PayPal account to purchase Crypto or add cash through their PayPal account. Cards like Prepaid Cards, Business Cards, and Credits Cards connected to your PayPal are not currently supported by Coinbase.