Hoop App – How Does Hoop App Work?

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Snapchat is one of the trending social media across the globe particularly for teens and youths. On the contrary, the Snapchat developer platform came up with an innovation which is the teen social app developed majorly for teen users around the world. “Hoop” was launched as Tinder for Snapchat and Tinder for teens. This appears as one of the latest apps that has become the talk of the town but it is tied to your Snapchat account to help users meet and connect new friends worldwide.

An interesting fact about the platform is that it allows users to set up new Snapchat accounts. And also enjoy the latest features of the Bitmoji avatars. It also allows another app to piggyback on its login system. On this platform, users are asked for their age when they create their account. However, “Hoop” is considered a dating App for teens while Tinder is for Adults. Meanwhile, Hoop can also be used by adults as there is a connection between the two. It is also made available on both iOS and Android.

Hoop App - How Does Hoop App Work?

History of Hoop App

The hoop app was founded by two friends namely – Lucas Gervias and Alexi Pourret in France. They were both developers who coined the Hoop App. The hoop idea emanated from them watching users’ patterns on the Snap Kit platform. They carried out an experiment that led to the building of an App called Dazz in 2018.

The Dazz app allows users to create polls and get answers from strangers and friends which got them 250,000 users. The two friends now created Hoop, an app to make new Snap friends. On the contrary, the Hoop goal is to meet everyone’s needs by connecting people from different parts of the world together. However, this is to help lonely people feel better and make them grow their Snapchat community with Hoop.

How Does Hoop App Work?

Hoop is configured for teens as required to make them connect with their friends. Users create a profile that includes age, gender, and photos. The interesting about the platform is that users can identify who they want to begin a conversation with. They can request the person’s Snapchat handle to start up a conversation with the person. Meanwhile, the Hoop platform compels users to always log in in order to foster chatting between the parties. You are required to use an in-app “diamonds” to request chats – and you are allowed to send 10 requests to friends before you can be granted another access to do more.

This enables you to earn more diamonds and it is done by sharing and friends to open the invite link to the app. On the contrary, you can also earn more diamonds by adding more people you meet on the Snapchat platform to Hoop whenever you log in. You can also watch a video ad, sign up for streaming services, etc. Moreover, this serves as a money strategy on the platform for all its users by approaching people.

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