House Keeping Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

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If you are a foreigner who stumbled upon this article and you want to earn as much as $30.34 to $40.33 hourly. This is a great opportunity for you to work as a Housekeeper and earn as much as $242.72 to $322.72 daily. There are many ways that one can apply for a housekeeping job In USA, either skilled or unskilled.

House Keeping Job In USA With Visa Sponsorship

However, if you know you have the skills of being a housekeeper duty, that can earn you as much as $4,500.34 to $6,200.67 Monthly. It has been recorded that the employment rate of housekeepers in the USA is about 4 percent higher than other jobs compared. This is because more and more people are interested in finding House Keeping Job seekers who can take care of the surroundings and the essentials. Below are other jobs and monthly earnings.

Whether you work in a private home or a commercial building doing House Keeping Job in USA. You stand a chance to earn good money working in the USA even as a foreigner. Moreover, it is recorded that an average housekeeping worker could earn about $15.31 an hour to $29, 860 per year. If you know that you are skilled and qualified for this job, this is the perfect chance to snag this opportunity beforehand you lose.

Average Salaries of House Keeper in USA

Here is a table showing the average salary house cleaners working in the United States have been earning over the years:

YearHourly RateAverage Salary

Highest Paying House Keeping Job

Here are some of the highest paying house cleaner jobs to take up if you are interested in working in the United States of America:

Job TitleHourly RateAnnual Salary
Room Attendant Housekeeper$14.68$29,635
Service Attendant$13.90$27,451
kitchen Attendant$12.27$26,596
Office Cleaning$14.20$28,453
Guest Room Attendant$13.11$27,269
House Maid$12.30$26,500

Responsibilities And Duties Of House Keeping Job In USA

The process of being interested in applying for House Keeping Job in USA must mean that you already know all the basic knowledge, duties, and responsibilities that come with the position. Here are some of the responsibilities of a housekeeper job:

  • Restocking the Towels and toiletries.
  • Cleaning and taking out garbage cans.
  • Cleaning every single surface, equipment, door, sink, and many more.
  • Cleaning and tidying up neatly of rooms.
  • Polishing of every hardwood surface and other surfaces as well.
  • Washing, drying, and storing dishes.
  • Cleaning of the Interior windows.
  • Washing, ironing, and folding of garments.
  • Changing of sheets in the room.
  • Arranging beds and bedside tables.
  • Sweeping and vacuuming of carpets, and floors. Rugs, etc.

There could be other duties that may be assigned to you by the hiring House Keeping Job employer. You only have to make sure that you are capable enough to fit the role and get the job.

Where Can I Work as A House keeper In USA

As a foreigner, some of the best places for House Keeping Job in USA are Hospitals, Offices, Hotels, Nursing Homes, Homes, Restaurants, and many more. You can do more research to find out more options you like.

Requirements For House Keeping Job in USA

Applying for House Keeping Job in the United States means that you must know about the requirements that are needed to grant you that position. Moreover, the requirements are set in place to ensure that only the qualified are selected. If you are looking to get hold of this opportunity, here are the requirements that have to be met:

  • You must be eligible to work in the United States and possess all the right documentation
  • You  must have a previous working experience as a Housekeeper
  • You must have a high school diploma or a GED
  • You must possess  good customer service and high professionalism
  • You must have a sense of teamwork
  • You must be swift and have a strong ability to work according to details
  • You should be able to multi-task effectively
  • You must have good communication skills as well as interpersonal skills
  • You must have the basic knowledge of how to use the custodial and cleaning equipment
  • You should be able to adhere to the dress code restrictions if any are set

These are some of the basic requirements that are needed to work a housekeeper job in the USA. You should also look out for any other requirements that are needed in the hiring company you select.

How To Apply for House Keeping Job in USA with Visa Sponsorship

If you will like to apply for house keeping job in the United States, you need to first check your eligibility status. Checking the eligibility status actually confirms if you can apply for the job or not. Furthermore, here’s how you can apply for a housekeeping job in the USA with visa sponsorship:

  • Launch your preferred  web browser
  • Visit any job listing site where you can find vacancies available in the United States. Some of the best options are Indeed, SimplyHired, Monster, etc.
  • Search for House Keeper Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship
  • Scroll through the result provided and search for the right role
  • Once you’ve found the right job, read through the job description
  • Research the company online to be sure that both the Company and the vacancy are legit
  • After concluding your research, go back to the application page
  • Then, click on the Apply icon and follow every on-screen prompt to ensure you are successful
  • Also, upload your job resume or CV as well
  • Submit the application once you are done filling it out

After this stage of your application, your employer will review the application. Moreover, if you succeed, you will be invited for an online interview and then the next step of your application will be discussed. You can also ask about the Visa sponsorship while you are at it. I suggest you do this procedure with as many legit vacancies as you find.

Benefits Of Working As A House keeper In USA

Aside from the obvious benefit of having a visa sponsorship as a major benefit of working as a housekeeper in USA, there are other benefits that come with the job. Some of those benefits include:

  • Competitive and attractive salary
  • Free training
  • Employee discount
  • Employee Wellness Program
  • Paid day off
  • Life Coverage
  • Health Savings Account
  • Dental Coverage
  • Paid Leave
  • Vision Coverage
  • Disability Insurance
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Retirement Saving Plan

How Much Are Housekeepers Paid In The USA?

The average salary that a housekeeper earns in the USA could be around $27,238 or more per year. The average that a worker might earn as an hourly pay could be $14.90 or more. Do keep in mind that this depends on your region and the hiring employer.