How Much Does A Private Jet Cost?

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How Much Does A Private Jet Cost? If you globe-trot frequently, you will mostly experience common airport troubles such as flight cancellations, flight delays, hidden charges, and lost baggage every day, and these are only among the few. As a result, you would always want to avoid these hurdles if there is any alternative. The only solution to that is to charter a private jet or buy one if you have the means. The satisfaction, however, comes when you have one. As such, you may want to know the cost of a private jet.

How Much Does A Private Jet Cost?

Not everyone loves to share tight spaces, and most tend to enjoy solitude while traveling, but of course, you can’t get that if you are flying an airliner. Therefore, the only way out of this is to get a private jet.

Private jets are one way to experience luxury onboard. You get five-star service, and you also get to select the airport closest to you and have control over your flight information. By hiring a private jet, you can eliminate every obstacle in your flight schedule.

However, if you are interested in getting a private jet, then you must know the costs that come with it, such as the price, maintenance fees, and salary of the staff. There are several private jets, and their prices vary depending on factors like size, shape, model, brand, and range.

Furthermore, private jets range in price, and you can find private jets costing from $3 million to $660 million. This is only the price of the plane; other costs come with owning a private plane, such as fuel costs, staff salaries, and other maintenance fees. Before shopping for a private jet, you need to get a grasp of the full cost and how to afford one.

How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?

If you are interested in buying a private jet, you can choose between the new planes and the used ones. Brand new private jets are designed with the most updated tech, and the older amenities of a second-hand private jet are much more affordable. There are several types of private jets, which range from small six-seaters to larger airlines that are capable of flying long distances.

Very Light Jets

This is a small option for private planes, and it is capable of holding up to seven passengers. Very light jets can fly for up to three hours, and their prices range from $1.5 million to $3 million. However, the price of this plane depends on the type of plane.

Light Jets

Although these planes are a little bigger than the very light planes, they are still compact. This plane is capable of carrying up to eight passengers and has a bathroom. The price of light jets ranges from $900,000 to $6 million.

Midsize Business Jets

This type of plane can fly for about five hours, and it works very well for both mid-range and short flights. Midsize planes also have storage space along with a large cabin that can hold up to ten passengers, a flight attendant, and two pilots. The price of midsize jets ranges from $9.9 million to $20 million.

Super Mid Jets

Super mid-jets planes can travel much faster than other small planes, and their flight and space range go up for this plane. The price of this plane ranges from $5.4 million to $26.7 million to get a new one.

Heavy Business Jets

These jets have a notable amount of space and can hold at least ten passengers, and they have amazing features such as fully equipped kitchens and pull-out tabletops. The price of this private jet ranges from $27 million to $39 million.

Ultra-long Range Heavy Jets

These jets have enough space to function as a flying hotel room. It has a full-size bed and lots of room. It can also hold up to 17 passengers, and it can fly up to 6,500 miles. Ultra-long-range heavy jets cost from $35 million to $62 million.


These planes are the most luxurious and largest private planes. They have full features like a bathroom, a cocktail lounge, and others on board. These planes can also travel more than 10 hours for a trip, and they have price options. Airliners range in price from $418.4 million to $500 million.

The prices of the private jet differ based on the customization and amenities that you select for the plane. Plane owners can select customized décor, custom furniture, and several rooms.

New Private Jets

New private jets range in price from $3 million to $660 million. However, the price is based on several factors, which include the maker, range, customization, size, and what the jet offers like avionics and the engine.

Used Private Jets

Although used jets are cheaper, they still cost millions of dollars. Along with other customizations, used private jets can still cost millions of dollars.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Private Jet?

The price of a private jet is only a fraction of the cost that comes with owning a private plane. The price varies depending on the size, the distance it can fly, and the number of passengers it can hold. Due to this reason, fuel is also a major factor that needs to be considered when determining the cost of a private plane.

Other than fuel, there are additional costs such as staffing your private plane, hanger, and maintenance. The operating cost differs depending on the size and type of crew and the service they render.

How Much Does It Cost to Charter a Private Jet?

Renting a private jet cost more than flying a commercial plane, but still, it is much cheaper than buying an actual jet. Flights on the private plane are charged hourly. In addition, the prices differ based on the size and length of the plane.

The number of people boarding the plane also determines the price of the plane. The average cost to charter a private plane ranges from $1200 to $12,000 per hour. To rent a private jet for the whole weekend costs about $50,000.

Private Flight Club Membership

This membership entitles you to short-notice bookings for domestic or international flights on a variety of private jets at hourly rates. If you want to be part of this membership, you have to purchase a membership from a charter company and then make several private jets available.

The subscriptions are sold in yearly increments. A private flight club membership provides a custom, stress-free experience without any additional cost. It also allows its members to shop around.

Where Can I Buy a Private Jet?

If you are interested in getting your private plane, there are some places you can browse to decide which one you want to get. Here they are:

  • AVBuyer
  • Controller
  • GlobalAir

There are several websites that you can browse to check out private jets. Alternatively, you can also do a board search for a private jet in your vicinity.