How To Become A Google Certified Trainer

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How can I become a Google digital skills trainer? Becoming a Google Certified Trainer is an added advantage for every participant as an avenue to educate young people in digital skills development.

How To Become A Google Certified Trainer

This will enable you to get recognition with Google, thereby combining your expertise as a way of giving back to society. The Google Certified Trainer program is an empowerment tool designed to help people become technologist teachers who will train and coach other young people in digital skills.

Furthermore, to become a Google digital skill trainer, you need to undertake the Google Certified Trainer courses. Meanwhile, becoming a Google Trainer comes with many benefits, including getting a certification that makes you a distinguished educator in your area of expertise. You also get access to other professional development programs, training resources, and Google Apps that will help you as an educator.

More importantly, you also get to build relationships and collaborate with a community of trainers. In other words, this will make you stand out as a leader with impact because of your delivery exposure. In this article, you will learn how to become a Google digital skill trainer.

How To Become A Google Certified Trainer

To effectively become a Google tool expert, you have to consider yourself fit for the program. All you need to do is undertake the required steps and apply for it. It requires six steps to become a Google digital skill trainer.

Step 1: Certified Trainer Course

First of all, you have to complete the Google Education Trainer Course. This course will provide instructions on leadership and interpersonal relationship skills that make you an effective trainer. It also provides a guide on transformative Google technologies.

Step 2: Trainer Skills Assessment

This is carried out once you have completed the trainer course. Then, you can now undertake this assessment exam. The exam tests your understanding of the training course to determine if you understand the concept of the course. The exam costs $15, and you have 90 minutes to complete it.

Step 3: Google Certified Educator Level 1

This exam helps to assess the trainer’s ability to integrate Google tools into teaching practice so that it will enhance teaching and learning. This also helps trainers build confidence during the training process. The exam fee is $10.

Step 4: Google Certified Educator Level 2

The Google Certified Educator Level 2 exam is responsible for teaching trainers strategies for integrating some tools and technologies in the classroom. The exam fee was $25.

Step 5: Make a Trainer Video

In this section, you have to film a 3-minute video to introduce yourself. This is a way of distinguishing yourself by explaining your uniqueness. You want to tell them who you are and why you like to be a trainer.

Step 6: Apply

This is when you submit your membership application. It entails your responses, which will give Google an understanding of your training experience and everything you have done so far. The application must include all the materials listed above, and you will answer some questions while attempting this. If your application is accepted, you will automatically become a Google digital skill trainer. However, you must maintain your certification because it doesn’t last forever.


In conclusion, Google Educator is one of the best tools designed to help individuals grow their teaching skills. Whether you are a newbie or have previous experience in teaching, this tool is effective and ideal if you wish to take your career to the next level. Hence, if you’re interested in this course, follow the steps and guidelines stated above to become a certified Google trainer.

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