How To Create WhatsApp Link

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Don’t know how to create a WhatsApp link? Then you are in luck because this blog post will provide the steps on how to create one. With a WhatsApp link, you will be able to embed the link on your website. And the customers will be able to chat with you through a click-to-chat. This is a stress-free way for customers to reach you.

How To Create WhatsApp Link

Creating a WhatsApp link isn’t too difficult once you are using a third-party app and then you can create a link. However, if you are using the WhatsApp business then you can create your link from the mobile app. If you want to know how to create the link you can read through this entire blog post.

What is a WhatsApp Link?

A WhatsApp link is the URL that enables people to open a conversation on WhatsApp. By tapping on the WhatsApp link, you don’t have to save any contacts either for business or personal use before you can send and receive messages to an unknown contact.  This feature works for both the website and mobile phone. You can also embed the WhatsApp link across several platforms or in an image.

Types of WhatsApp Link

There are several types of WhatsApp links that you can use. And also embed in images or several platforms and they include:

  • Direct Link: This is usually a “click-to-chat” made up of two parts. They include your phone number and the standard link. For instance, if your phone number is 3580 2846 and your country area code is +234, then your WhatsApp link will be 23435802846. Ensure that you don’t have any additional characters such as dashes or brackets when you are filling in your mobile number or else the link will become useless.
  • Direct Link with Pre-filled Messages: When you are tapping on this type of WhatsApp link, you will be shown a template message in the text field just like this ?text=<pre-filled message>  if your phone number is unchanged while adding the welcome message “ Hello, I am interested in knowing more about your WhatsApp API service”.  Then your link will be like this 23435802846.text=Hello, +I+am+interested+in+knowing+more+about+your+WhatsApp+API+service.
  • Only a Pre-filled Link: You can also use a pre-filled link to send broadcast messages. You can also select who you want to send the message to after you open the link. If your message reads “Thanks for registering”  and enter the link will then direct you to a list of contacts and then you can choose several people and send them all a unique message.

And that is it. These are the several types of links that you can be able to create for your WhatsApp.

How to Create a Link without Tools

If you want to create a WhatsApp link, you can do it from the mobile app directly.  All you have to do is launch WhatsApp on your device and head over to settings > Business Tools > Short link. Then you can copy the hyperlink that is displayed on the screen. However, this feature is not available for the normal WhatsApp version. It only works in the business version of WhatsApp.

Where Can I Use The WhatsApp Link?

There are several platforms that you can use the WhatsApp link for and they include:

  • Websites: You can add your WhatsApp link to your website and this is one of the most efficient ways to divert your customers.  This will be a very creative way to embed your link.
  • Social Media Pages: Nowadays almost every social media platform advises businesses to include their website address on their social media page.  You can also add your click-to-chat link for direct messages.  Even on Facebook, they have a feature that enables businesses the option to add WhatsApp buttons directly on their pages.
  • Google Profiles: Adding your business on Google can help your business gain more exposure and also increase your business visibility.

The WhatsApp link can be used for various reasons and they can also be used to reach your target customers.