How to Get Car Insurance for Mexico

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If you intend to drive into Mexico or rent a car there, you will need Mexican car insurance. This is because Mexico has differing liability limitations. According to Mexican law, all cars must carry auto insurance.

How to Get Car Insurance for Mexico

Your U.S. auto coverage will not cover you unless you obtain additional insurance, also known as Mexican car insurance or Mexico tourist car insurance. However, breaking Mexican law may lead to imprisonment, as the food is less delicious and the views are not breathtaking. In this article, we tend to explain the necessity for this particular type of auto insurance, what it covers, where to get it, and how to get it.

How to Get Car Insurance for Mexico

You can purchase a temporary insurance policy online from multiple Mexican auto insurance providers before your trip to Mexico. There are two alternatives available. This includes full packages that cover damage to your vehicle and injuries to you and your travelers, or liability-only coverage that fulfills the legal criteria of the nation.

American Family, GEICO, and Progressive are among the American insurance companies offering Mexico car insurance for travelers on their websites. However, they function with various carriers. Moreover, policies are not issued by the companies that offer online shopping platforms. Instead, their portals allow you to obtain rates and purchase policies from authorized Mexican car providers.

If you have paperwork and information in place, you can get offers and begin your Mexico car insurance coverage in approximately 15 minutes.

  • Your vacation dates
  • The year, make, and model of your car
  • The market value of your car, decided by the National Car Dealers Association or Kelley Blue Book
  • The statement page for your current auto insurance
  • An understanding of the deductibles and coverage you require
  • The vehicle identification number (VIN) is the unique identifier used to identify a vehicle.
  • The credit card

Furthermore, Mexican providers usually request full payment for tourist car coverage in advance. The policy imposes a cancellation fee both before and after its commencement, with limited cancellation options.

What is Mexico Tourist Car Insurance

Apart from your home policy, Mexico tourist car insurance provides coverage for drivers from the United States and Canada when they are traveling in Mexico. This coverage pays for medical bills and auto repairs for Mexican drivers with U.S. or Canadian license plates involved in an accident. Each individual affected in a car accident in Mexico needs to get proof of existing insurance or financial responsibility. Furthermore, auto insurance from a Mexican provider is required in Mexico.

Do You Need Car Insurance in Mexico

Mexican car insurance is mandatory for all tourists driving in Mexico, as per the Federal Liability Law of Mexico. Therefore, you are not covered by your U.S. car insurance company’s coverage alone. You must obtain a liability car insurance policy from a Mexican provider that has been allowed a license. As an option, you can get an underwriting for Limited Mexico Coverage.

Traveling between the United States and Mexico can be insured by providers like USAA. Remember that Mexico abides by its insurance rules. Furthermore, you may be subject to harsh penalties if authorities know that you do not have Mexican liability insurance.

Requirements for Car Insurance in Mexico

According to Mexican law, anyone intending to drive in the nation, even guests or tourists from the United States, must have liability coverage. In addition, the bare minimums for not abiding by this rule are:

  • The policyholder is required to pay around $5,000 for liability coverage for death and bodily damage.
  • The property liability damages amount to approximately $50,000.

If you are found driving in Mexico without the bare minimum of insurance, you may be subject to steep penalties and perhaps jail time. As soon as you obtain a Mexican auto insurance policy, make sure you always have your insurance paperwork with you as proof of coverage.

How Much Does Car Insurance In Mexico Cost

In general, temporary car insurance in Mexico is less expensive than regular coverage in the US. Mexico car insurance premiums vary based on insurer, vehicle, coverage duration, and selected coverage and limitations, similar to conventional auto insurance cost variables.

For instance, the average daily expense of a MexPro Standard Coverage Mexico car policy (which covers accident, theft, and liability) is $33.24. Also, liability-only coverage with $300,000 charges $25 per day.

Tips for driving in Mexico

It’s crucial to understand Mexico’s documentation requirements and driving habits if you have never driven there. Moreover, the following document is mandatory to drive into Mexico:

  • A valid passport.
  • The state issued a license.
  • Proof of registration.
  • A letter from your bank approving a car loan.
  • Proof of liability coverage in Mexico.
  • Get Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM).

Upon arrival in Mexico, a visitor’s consent, known as the Forma Migratoria Multiple (FMM), must be obtained from a National Migration Institute office. Moreover, it’s important to comprehend how regulations change as you cross the border into the Hassle Free Zone, which is 12 to 15 miles south of the border and includes all of Baja California and most of Sonora.