How to Switch Accounts on Instagram

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How to Switch Accounts on Instagram – Having an account on the Instagram platform is as easy as we say (Easy as A, B, C). You can visit the Instagram website or app to create an account today then log in to start making use of the IG platform. Well, those that actually have more than one Instagram account can now easily access them. Instagram now allows its users to switch between Instagram accounts on a single device without having to log out from any. This means you can easily switch from one Instagram account to another, either it being a personal or business account.

How to Switch Accounts on Instagram

Before now, it wasn’t possible for Instagram users to sign in to multiple accounts using their computer on But currently, users are able to sign in to more than one IG account on the desktop computer, and can now easily switch from one Instagram account to another. This feature is really amazing and quite useful especially for those that have a business and a personal account. Probably, you want to post or message any of your followers on your other account. You can just click on the switch button to do this without having to log out.

How to Switch Accounts on the Instagram App

Switching from one account to the other on the Instagram app is quite easy and possible. However, as stated earlier, you need to have more than one account on Instagram to access this feature. And most importantly, you need to have downloaded the Instagram App on your device. If you haven’t, Go to your Google Play Store or the App Store now to download the App on your device.  Now, you can follow the below steps to switch account on your Instagram app;

  • Go to your Instagram app on your device
  • Sign in to your Instagram Account
  • Click on your Profile Picture which is at the bottom right to go to your profile
  • Tap on the 3 horizontal lines
  • Then, Click on Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Add Account

To complete the process, enter the username and password of the account, you want to add and then click on Log in. Following the above process, you will successfully be able to switch accounts on the Instagram App without stress.

Switching Instagram Accounts on Desktop

To switch between Instagram on your computer is also easy. Below are the Steps to go about this;

  • Go to your Computer Web browser
  • Visit the official website
  • Login to your Instagram Account
  • At the homepage, you will find “SWITCH” which is beside your profile
  • Click on the Switch
  • Then, add the account you want to log in to

If you follow the above instruction, you will be able to switch account on your pc, without stress or hitch.

Why Can’t I Switch Accounts on Instagram?

Oftentimes, People that encounter this particular problem are mostly old users of the Instagram platform, that haven’t updated their IG app in years. This, however, is not really a big problem. If you can’t switch accounts on your mobile app, this might be because your Instagram app is outdated and needs to be updated to the current version. All you need to do is Uninstall or delete the IG app and download the current version from your Play Store or App Store. If you still can’t access the switch feature, you can contact the Instagram help center.