How to Use Quick Assist on Windows 11

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Is there Quick Assist on Windows 11, or how can I use Quick Assist on Windows 11? Back in the day, you had to dial a number and talk for hours just to get help with a simple problem. With new inventions and progressing technology, stress can be easily avoided. Quick Assist is a Microsoft program that allows you to connect to another person’s device remotely.

How to Use Quick Assist on Windows 11

This Microsoft software has made it easier to assist others in troubleshooting their devices, regardless of distance. Using Quick Assist on Windows 11 is simple and requires little effort.

Quick Assist has been available since Windows 10’s inception. You don’t need to download or install the software before you can use it on your device; a Windows 11 user can help a Windows 10 user, and vice versa. Let’s go over how to use Quick Assist step by step.

How to Use Quick Assist on Windows 11

You can use Quick Assist to either receive or render help to someone. The steps to follow are similar but have few differences.

Using Quick Assist to Render Help to a Person

  • Go to the search toolbar on your device and type “quick assist.”
  • Click on Quick assist.  You will be provided with two options after clicking.
  • Proceed to pick an option. Since we are looking at how to help someone, click on the help someone button.
  • After clicking on the help someone option, you will need to sign in with your Microsoft account. You should take note that a Microsoft account is needed to sign in. A pre-existing can be used.
  • When you sign in, you’ll be provided with a code. The code is what you have to send to the person you wish to help before you can gain access to their device. It is important to note that this code expires in 10 minutes, so the recipient must be ready. On the same page, you can also send the code along with some instructions on how to proceed with the connection.
  • When the person accepts your request, the person’s screen will automatically appear on your screen. To gain access to the other person’s device, click on the request control bar in the top bar.

Using Quick Assist to Receive Help from a Person

  • Enter the code you received from the person who wants to help you after searching for Quick Assist on the toolbar and clicking on it.
  • It will take a while to be connected. When it is connected, you will be asked to allow screen sharing.
  • After allowing your helper to view your screen, an option to allow them to take control will appear, allowing your helper full access to your devices and assisting you with whatever problem you may be experiencing.

Can I Use Quick Assist From Windows 11 on Windows 10?

Quick Assist is also available on Windows 10, thanks to the December 2022 and January 2023 Windows updates. So, whether you are a Windows 10 or Windows 11 user, you can use Quick Assist to get or give help to each other. Simply follow the steps outlined above.

Is Quick Assist Compatible With Windows 11?

Yes, it is compatible with Windows 11. Although Quick Assist is pre-installed on Windows 11, you can get the original version of Quick Assist when you install the latest Windows update. You can still enjoy the pre-installed version of Quick Assist on your device regardless.