How to Use Trello For Project Management

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How to Use Trello For Project Management – Trello is one platform that is always best for you to use when managing your projects. It makes project management a lot easier. Everyone talks about project management, but do we know how to use Trello for project management?

How to Use Trello For Project Management

We all know Trello to be a visual tool that authorizes your team to handle any kind of project, task tracking, or workflow you have. However, knowing how to use Trello for project management is quite important if you want to make use of it. This write-up will tell you all you need to know about how you can easily manage your projects using Trello.

Is Trello Good for Project Managing?

Trello is known for its simplicity as well as its ability to be easily used. Because of these and many more, Trello is good for the management of any kind of project. It has made its way to the top of the best project management software list.

Is Using Trello for Project Management Free?

From signing up to adding your tasks and inviting teammates, everything is free. You can carry out whatever you want easily on Trello without making any payments. However, this means that managing your project on Trello is completely free.

What Are the Key Features Of Trello?

There are five main features you will come across and use while managing your project on Trello. These features are easy to use, and below, they are listed below.

  • Kanban task Management.
  • Card search.
  • Card cover photos.
  • Automation functions.
  • Task card checklists.

These features will help you achieve your project management goals.

How Do I Use Trello for Project Management?

Just as I have been saying before, there is a very easy process for managing your projects on Trello. To begin the process, ensure you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer that can connect to the internet. Also, make sure your internet connection is stable so there are no complications while managing your projects. However, follow the 7 steps given below to use Trello for project management.

1. Sign Up or Login to Trello

  • Sign up on Trello if you do not have an account, and if you do, log in to that account.

2. Create a Board

  • Proceed to create a board on Trello by clicking on “Create New Board” under the “Personal Boards” section.
  • Enter a name for your board as well as patterns and colors that can be changed later.
  • Choose a team you want to give access to the board to if you have more than one.

3. Create a Team on Trello

  • Click on Create Team.
  • Next, you need to give a team name, tell its type, and add a short description of your team.
  • Tap on “Continue” after that.
  • On the pop-up option asking you to invite team members, enter your email address or the email addresses of all your team members.
  • Click on the send invitation button. Your selected team members will use the invitation to join Trello.

4. Create Lists

  • Open up the board to create a list.
  • Under the name of the board, click on the “Add a List” option.
  • Create a name for your list.
  • Click “Add to List” when you are done.

5. Create Cards:

  • Under your list, click on “Add Card.
  • Fill in a title for the card you are creating and select “Add Card.

6. Assign Cards and Provide Due Dates

  • Tap on the card that you have assigned to members.
  • Select the member option shown on the right.
  • Search for the people on your team.
  • Click on their names and add them.
  • Add due dates by clicking on the card that you want to add a due date to.
  • Tap the due date option on the list at the right of the page.
  • From the calendar, choose a due date.
  • Add time if you want, and click on “Save.

7. Add Labels to Cards

  • Select the card you want to add a label to.
  • On the right side of the page, click on labels.
  • From the given list, select the pre-chosen colors and click on the available edit icon to add your label.
  • Once this is done, your cards will display in the color you have chosen.

Follow these seven steps correctly to use Trello for project management.