Nouveau Care – Apply for Home Care Jobs in Norwich

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Are you searching for home care jobs in Norwich? Search no more; we suggest you check out Nouveau Care today. Founded in 2015 by Tom Smith and Nasnine Ragu, Nouveau Care is one of the best home care agencies in the UK.

Nouveau Care - Apply for Home Care Jobs in Norwich

The company helps homes and healthcare centers find temporary and skilled staff globally. In addition, they find new care assistants for homecare jobs, agency jobs, and live-in care jobs in Norfolk. They are dedicated to helping provide care services for their clients.

Nouveau Care helps foreigners from other parts of the world find and apply for home care jobs, social care jobs, and nurse jobs and work internationally. It is one of the agencies accredited by the NHS to provide domiciliary care in Norfolk.

Based on reviews from past users of the platform, Nouveau provides the best services. Families and organizations in Norwich can find care assistants from the firm. Also, people interested in migrating to the UK can find jobs in Nouveau.

You can even qualify for a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship if you meet their requirements. Lastly, you can conveniently start your application from the comfort of your home. By simply visiting, you can start your application for any care job of your choice.

Why should I apply for jobs at Nouveau Care?

Noveau is one of the leading agencies in the UK that helps its clients in Norwich recruit health, social, and care, assistants. As stated above, it is among the most legitimate and reliable agencies to find jobs online. There are so many reasons why you should consider applying for jobs through Noveau. Some of these reasons include:

  • Excellent salaries and mileage rates.
  • Good travel pay of 45p per mile for home care.
  • Access to college qualifications.
  • You can search for jobs on their official website based on location.
  • There is no hourly contract for permanent workers.
  • Healthcare assistants can get a rate of £10.65 and above.
  • Live care assistants can earn up to £675 per week.
  • Paid holiday and a lot more.

An applicant can enjoy the above-listed benefits and more by simply applying for jobs on Nouveau Care.

Does offer care assistant Tier 2 sponsorship?

Yes, another reason you need to apply for jobs in Nouveau is that they offer professional care assistants with a Tier 2 Visa Sponsorship. Getting a Tier 2 Visa sponsorship from the firm means you can work and live in the UK for up to 5 years.

In addition, your travel expenses will be covered by a sponsor. Nouveau will connect you to a willing client ready to sponsor your Tier 2 Visa. In most parts of the UK, such as Braintree, Essex, and England, health and care assistants are needed. This is due to the shortage of care assistants in the country.

But through the Tier 2 Visa/Skilled Visa, foreigners can fill up the available positions. Hence, they achieve their dreams of working in the UK, gaining exposure, and more. It is worthwhile to note that Noveau is safe and legitimate to make use of.

How to Submit an Application for a Care Assistant Position on Nouveau Care With Tier 2 Sponsorship

Finding and applying for care assistant jobs with a Tier 2 Visa is easy to do on You will find different care assistant jobs to apply for on the platform. However, you will need to have the correct information and details to apply. Applicants from across the world can start their application online by following the steps below;

  • Visit
  • Scroll down the page until you find the application form.
  • Select your preferred title and enter your first and last name.
  • Enter a valid and active email address and mobile number.
  • Upload your care assistant resume.
  • Finally, click on SUBMIT and follow the prompts.

Note: Be sure to carefully go through the information entered to be sure it is accurate. You can tap on the reset icon on the page if you need to make any corrections.

How do I contact Nouveau Care?

Nouveau has made it easier for both new and old applicants and clients to contact them. You can contact Nouveau by calling (01603) 765875 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 p.m. You won’t be able to reach the agency on Saturday and Sunday. Also, you can send an email to