Seven Corners Travel Insurance

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Seven Corners travel insurance – Among the excitement that comes with planning a trip or journey, there are unpredictable things that can affect and interrupt your trip. This is where Seven Corners travel insurance comes in, acting as a lighthouse of security by offering protection to global or worldwide travelers and giving them the assurance they need to begin their trip with confidence and reliance. 

Seven Corners Travel Insurance

On the other hand, Seven Corners is an insurance company in the United States that offers travel insurance services.  For more information on this insurance provider and how you can purchase a policy, you will find out in this guide.

What is Seven Corners Travel Insurance?

Seven Corners Travel Insurance is a major provider of international travel insurance solutions. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of coverage options for frequent travelers. It was founded in 1993 and has years of experience in this industry. This insurance company is also popular for its trustworthy assistance services, helpful products, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Types of Seven Corners Travel Insurance Plans

Here are various travel insurance plans that Seven Corners offer:

  • Travel medical insurance.
  • Round-trip.
  • Student options.
  • Plans for groups of 10 or more travelers.
  • Options for foreigners visiting the United States.
  • Annual plans.

It is up to you to choose what plan you are interested in getting.

How Do They Work?

Seven Corners Travel surety operates by offering travelers personalized surety plans customized to meet their individual travel needs. What’s more, policyholders can select from a wide range of coverage benefits and options to design a quote that meets their travel plans, budget, and preferences. However, if something happens unexpectedly like lost baggage, medical emergencies, and trip cancellation, Seven Corners helps travelers by offering emergency assistance services and assisting with claims processing.

What Does Seven Corners Travel Insurance Cover?

Here are events that Seven Corners travel insurance typically covers:

  • Travel accident insurance.
  • Emergency medical repatriation.
  • Trip interruption.
  • Delayed, lost, stolen, or damaged baggage.
  • Trip cancellation.
  • Travel delay.

What Are Their Exclusions?

Here are the exclusions of Seven Corners travel insurance and what they will not be responsible for:

  • Travel to high-risk countries.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Non-medical evacuation.
  • High-risk activities.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Policy

Why should you purchase or consider a Seven Corners travel insurance policy? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of this insurance type from this provider:


  • Global assistance services.
  • Comprehensive coverage.
  • Customer service.
  • Experienced and reputable provider.
  • Streamline claims process.
  • Peace of mind.
  • Personalized plans.
  • Additional benefits.
  • Financial protection.
  • Online access.


  • Potential claim denials.
  • Cost.
  • Cancellation fees.
  • Policy restrictions.
  • Policy renewal is required.
  • Coverage limitations.
  • Waiting periods.
  • Policy complexity.
  • Limited coverage areas.
  • Non-refundable premiums.

How Much Does Seven Corners Travel Insurance Cost?

Various factors affect the cost of a Seven Corners travel surety quote and they include:

  • Coverage limits.
  • Age of traveler.
  • Additional add-ons.
  • Travel plan.
  • Trip duration.

Your destination also affects to cost of getting a travel insurance policy from Seven Corners.

Why Seven Corners?

Seven Corners provides a wide range of travel surety plans to meet the needs of different individuals, ensuring that their satisfaction is met. Moreover, with their travel insurance plan, you do not have to worry about your money, peace of mind, or any unforeseen events that may take place.

Whether it is a domestic trip or an international trip, with Seven Corners travel insurance, you are more than ready. However, if you are still unsure of whether Seven Corners is the right provider for you, you can weigh their pros and cons while you evaluate your needs to see the areas you need appropriate coverage.

By doing this, you not only learn more about their services but get to find out if they are worth it. If they offer coverage for areas that you worry you, you can purchase a policy. Additionally, there are different travel plans to choose from so, what is the worry?

How to Get Seven Corners Travel Surety

The process of getting Seven Corners travel surety is straightforward. As a traveler, you can find comprehensive coverage options that meet your needs. Without further ado, here is a guide you can follow to begin the process:

  • Visit the Seven Corners official website at
  • Go to the travel insurance section.
  • Check the available coverage options.
  • Choose your coverage type.
  • Provide your trip information.
  • Travel dates.
  • Number of travelers you want to insure.
  • Destination.
  • Trip cost.
  • Next, personalize your quote by choosing optional add-ons or additional coverage.
  • Confirm the coverage details,
  • Pricing and policy benefits.
  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Carefully check the policy documents to understand your coverage’s terms and conditions.
  • Pay the required payment to activate your policy.

After successfully applying and completing the application process, you will get confirmation of your travel insurance coverage through email. Follow these steps to protect your peace of mind and travel experience while journeying.