Best Apps for Video Making

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Creating a video can be a little difficult if you are a beginner. However, with the best apps for video making, you will be able to easily create stunning videos that are social media-worthy. These apps are essential for making stunning videos because of the variety of tools and features that they offer.

Best Apps for Video Making

Even with little to no skills in video editing, you can easily and quickly edit your videos thanks to the app’s easy tools for editing. In addition, you can also easily create, edit, trim a video, and add background music to it. Although some of these apps are free, you can still pay for the premium version to access more professional tools.

Best App for Video Making

Video editing apps enable you to quickly edit your videos to create stunning and captivating videos. These apps are easy to use and they have several tools available for editing. Although some apps are free, you can still pay for the premium version to access more features.


InVideo is among the best apps for making short Instagram videos. This app has tons of templates to choose from, music, and 8M stock images.

What makes InVideo stand out from the rest is its AI tools. You can also use this video-making app to generate a script. However, if you have one already, you can make use of its AI text-to-video tool.

With this feature, you can create a video based on the script that you upload. The only downside to this app is that the free version adds a watermark to your videos.


This video editing app is created by Vimeo and it enables users to create an awesome video all from their Smartphones. The first thing to do to create your video is to select your video editing style and then select the pictures and video clips that you want to add. Then choose your music from Magisto’s built-in music library.

Furthermore, Magisto uses AI to arrange your footage in a video that delivers the message that you tend to pass. Although Magisto has free versions, you can still subscribe to the premium version to unlock more features.


With InShot, you can easily speed up, trim, or even add filters and music to your video.  The app is quite comprehensive, but it is also easy to use. 

In addition, you can also add any background music to your videos if you like.  InShot is an ideal app for beginners and it has several built-in music libraries and several royalty-free options.

Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora is the ideal option if you are a beginner in video editing. This app is the perfect app for creating Instagram-worthy videos.

This video editing app is also available for Mac computers and Windows while the FilmoraGo app is specially designed for mobile devices and is free to download.

Furthermore, Filmora has an Easy Mode that removes the comprehensive features of the apps and makes it easier for beginners. With this easy mode, you can easily add music to the video, drag and drop video clips, and complete the video within minutes.

In addition, the FilmoraGo app has several features and an Effect Store where you can add themes, preset intros, and transitions to your video.


Shotcut is among the list of best video editing apps. This editing app is free to use and you can use it to make professional videos. However, the interface is quite tricky to use. Shotcut has several features that make it stand out from other video editing apps.


Splice enables you to join different video clips on your mobile device to make a moving collage. It also has a huge library of music tracks that you can use in the background of your video.

In addition, Splice can also be used to trim and edit different parts of a video and then customize the transition lengths from one scene to another.

Furthermore, if you want to use Splice, you don’t have to register for an account. It is also very easy to use and it has a user-friendly interface.


WeVideo is a video editing software that provides some comprehensive features and functionality which includes a vast library of commercially licensed music, audio editing, and more.

It also gives users the ability to share videos in high resolution. However, WeVideo free version has its own limitations some of which include only 10GB of cloud storage. If you plan on editing several videos, you will need more space.


PicPlayPost is a very simple app that allows you to easily edit your videos. With this app, you can easily make a video collage. However, the sound from both videos will play simultaneously, so make sure that they won’t clash. Furthermore, it also allows users to export video in 4K.


Clideo is among the best online video makers that is packed with lots of tools. It works with all video, audio, and video formats so that you don’t have to choose a file format for making your videos. 

Furthermore, it also has an intuitive interface so that you can easily use the tool interface even if you are a beginner.  Clideo also allows you to upload several video clips and pictures and then add them in one video.

It also allows you to compress, cut, crop, resize, loop, flip, rotate, and also reverse videos. In addition, you can also add subtitles and music to your videos.  Clideo also allows you to create memes with emoji and text.


iMovie provides all the tools and features that are needed for video editing. It also provides speed and simplicity. iMovie might not have the most features, but if you are searching for a way to easily and quickly make edits and create amazing videos, it is worth considering. 

Furthermore, iMovie is also compatible with strong video editing software which includes Premiere Pro. To edit your video, you can drop them in the box and they trim them to your preferred size. You can also add music and effects to your video.

With video editing apps, you can easily create breathtaking videos with the several tools provided for you and post them on your social media.