Best Apps to Learn Spanish

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What are the best apps to learn Spanish? Are you interested in learning how to speak Spanish? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. In this blog post, I will introduce you to some of the best apps specifically designed for beginners to learn the Spanish language. These apps come equipped with various tools and features to facilitate your learning journey.

Best Apps to Learn Spanish

While there are traditional Spanish classes available for learning the language, enrolling in such classes might not always be feasible due to time or financial constraints. In such cases, turning to language-learning apps is an excellent alternative. With these apps, you can enjoy a convenient and engaging way to learn Spanish.

Curious to discover these language-learning apps? Stay tuned for the next section, where I will introduce you to at least 10 apps that can help you on your journey to learn Spanish.

10 Best Apps to Learn Spanish

There are tons of apps that make learning Spanish a lot easier. These apps have audio and video tapes to help you learn Spanish better. Here are some of the apps:


LingoPie adds an element of enjoyment to Spanish learning with its diverse array of Spanish programming, spanning sitcoms, comedies, telenovelas, and more.

You can watch instructional Spanish videos and then reinforce your learning through reviews and flashcards, allowing you to revise and practice what you’ve watched.”


Memrise is primarily designed to facilitate the memorization of Spanish vocabulary. The app offers various scenarios and numerous lessons. Each course features a lesson that focuses on learning between 10 to 50 words, with each word accompanied by audio and an English translation.

Additionally, Memrise provides videos of native Latinos pronouncing the phrases, offering valuable pronunciation practice. You can reinforce your learning by repeating the words and incorporating them into a variety of exercises, including translation exercises.


Duolingo is another popular game-like language learning app that will help you learn any language that you want. The app will also assist you in learning vocabulary and pronunciation in an exciting and simple way.

This platform is like a game-like app that progresses through different themes and teaches you the basics of vocabulary. On this app, you can also learn Spanish.


If you have a jam-packed day with only a few minutes to spare, Pimsleur is the perfect app for you. This Spanish learning app is designed to provide the benefits of its language program in just 30-minute sessions.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone sets itself apart from other language-learning apps by immersing learners entirely in Spanish. Through a combination of audio and visual elements depicting everyday situations, you’ll acquire the language.

While this method may initially seem demanding, it is among the most effective ways to learn a new language. Additionally, you have the option to choose between learning the Spanish spoken in Latin America or Spain.

One valuable tool Rosetta Stone offers is the Phrasebook, which provides a wealth of common and practical sentences to aid in your Spanish language acquisition. This feature is also accessible offline.

Users can download complete lessons from Rosetta Stone, allowing them to practice Spanish at their convenience, anywhere, and anytime. Moreover, the app incorporates speech recognition technology, enabling you to compare your pronunciation to that of native speakers and practice until you improve.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to schedule lessons with a live tutor to further enhance your Spanish skills, although this service comes at an additional cost.


Mondly is one of the best Spanish learning apps. It offers exercises for listening, reading, speaking, and writing and provides tools such as a verb conjugator and a dictionary.

This app has a user-friendly interface that makes it stand out from the rest. You can finish daily lessons with fun exercises and then practice by talking to a chatbox.

This app is designed especially for beginners because there are daily lessons that teach sentence building, core vocabulary, and conversation in Spanish. What makes Mondly stand out from the rest is its virtual reality tool. With this, you can learn how to speak Spanish by using real-life situations to practice.


LingoDeer delivers engaging Spanish lessons gamified in a manner similar to Duolingo. Notably, LingoDeer stands out by offering comprehensive grammar notes, a feature often lacking in other Spanish learning apps.

The course begins with teaching the Spanish alphabet and enhancing your pronunciation of Spanish words. Multiple assessment methods are available to monitor your progress, with flashcards being one of them. Furthermore, at the end of each unit, you’ll find short stories, serving as a refreshing tool to reinforce your learning.”


FluentU is another good language-learning app that will help you learn Spanish the natural way. This app offers real interactive videos such as news, movie trailers, inspirational speeches, and music videos.

On the app, you will learn Spanish while knowing the culture. You can watch videos with transcripts and then tap on the phrase that you want to know the meaning of.

This app is designed for advanced learners because it is packed with only native content. To focus on learning vocabulary, you can quiz yourself or add words to your list.


Babbel is a subscription-based learning app. It also offers at least 14 different languages, from beginner to professional. It has solid and structured courses that will help you with your writing, listening, and reading skills in Spanish.

Babble also offers lots of exercises, such as audio to listen to, text to read, and phrases to complete. The exercises are all based on everyday scenarios and different topics.

Some exercises will request that you repeat certain phrases, letting you practice your speaking skills. Although Babbel doesn’t have a good user interface, the apps enable you to select different levels and topics to find the one that fits you.

Babbel also has a good structure that shows certain concepts of Spanish grammar.


MosaLingua is also one of the best apps for learning Spanish. It offers a wide range of sub-category levels, catering to everyone from beginners to professionals. The app is equipped with an efficient flashcard tool and a Space Repetition System.

The flashcards serve as an invaluable resource to enhance your long-term memory, complete with audio recordings by native speakers to help you with pronunciation. Additionally, the app provides the option to explore and learn Spanish grammar rules.

As said earlier, there are numerous apps available for mastering the Spanish language, where you can enhance your vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and overall familiarity with the language. You can try out any of the above to improve your Spanish-speaking skills.