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Having fun while learning has been the top priority of every school, including teachers and students. All thanks to Google Classroom, which makes this achievable. Maybe this is the first time you’re hearing about Google Classroom or you already know about it but don’t know how it works. I congratulate you because you are very lucky to have come across this article.

Google Classroom - Join a Google Classroom Online

All thanks to the tech giant, Google, students now have a fun learning atmosphere while learning. Just by looking at the name, you will know that Google Classroom is one of Google’s products. Because it has the tech giant name attached to it.

Google Classroom is a free learning service owned and developed by Alphabet Inc. It was mainly created to make the process of sharing files between teachers and students well organized. Thanks to Google’s wonderful contribution to the world of eLearning. As a Google product, it makes use of other Google products such as Sheets, Calendar, Gmail, Slides, and Docs to manage teacher’s and student’s communication.

Google Class

On the contrary, students can only make use of Google Classroom either on their phone or PC using the institution’s database. Thus, all students can meet together and discuss important topics that concern them using Google Classroom. With Google Meet Classroom, teachers and instructors can create assignments within the platform and distribute them to their students online within a few seconds. Their students can then do the assignments using Google Docs and submit them to their teachers with a single click.

Moreover, teachers and students can save copies of the folders they create. And arrange them in their Google Drive folders. Thus, Google Classroom was created to help teachers and creators go paperless and centralize their discussions in a single location. Besides, Gmail Classroom features a page for assignments where students can check the upcoming projects and stay updated. Likewise, teachers and instructors can easily check on those who have submitted the assignment and give feedback instantly. As a result, students can get the help they need at the moment. Hence, they can be successfully corrected about the learning stuff and move on with their activities.

Benefits of Google Classroom for Learning

Want to know about the benefits you get from using Google Classroom or how it can improve your learning experience? There are tons of benefits you’ll enjoy from using Google online classes to broaden your knowledge. Below are some of the advantages of Google Class;

  • With Google Virtual Classroom, teachers and students can connect, increase their knowledge, and interact with each other.
  • It boosts communication and collaboration.
  • It saves time. Students no longer have to download assignments and teachers can conveniently distribute them to their students online.
  • Rapid resource sharing.
  • Documents and data are all stored in a single place. With Google Classroom for students,
  • It is compatible with all devices. You can access the platform from a mobile device or a desktop computer.
  • It improves the speed of doing assignments. Both teachers and students can check who has submitted it and who is still working on it.
  • Amazing commenting system.
  • It is available to everyone as long as you have your institution’s database information.
  • With Google Class, you can go paperless and stop being worried about printing or handouts.

Above all, it has a neat, optimized, and user-friendly interface. Google Class Meet simply invites you to a neat platform where everything is instinctive, fun, and user-friendly. Hence, feel at home with Google Class Meet.

Google Classroom App

To improve the learning experience for mobile users, Google Classroom simply offers an app for mobile users. Therefore, if are always using your mobile device, you need to download the Google Meet for Students App for easy access. You can download the App on the Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.

How to Crete a Class in Google Classroom

As a teacher or instructor, you can create a class on Google and manage all the documents that your students need. Creating a Class is very easy and can be done by anyone. To create a Google Class, follow the steps below;

  • On a web browser, visit the Google Classroom website.
  • If your account is logged in on that device, click on the blue ‘’Continue’’ button.
  • Click the Plus icon at the top of the website.
  • From the options displayed, select ‘’Create Class’’.
  • Accept Google’s terms and conditions by ticking the box below.
  • After clicking, tap the ‘’Continue’’ button.

Then follow the on-screen prompts and create a class. The information needed is a Class name, others like section, subject, and room are irrelevant. Once you’ve created your class, you can add students to it via email.

How to Join a Class

If you have a Google account, you can sign in to your account and join classes. Once you join a class, you can communicate with your teacher and other classmates. In the meantime, you can join Google Classroom in three different ways. You can join using a class link, a class code, and an email invite.

How to Join Google Classroom With a Class Link

  • Tap the class link your teacher or instructor shared.
  • Choose the account you want to use for Google Class Meet. If you need to switch accounts, tap Switch accounts before joining.
  • Then tap Join.

How to Join Google Meet Classroom With a Class Code

In this situation, your teacher has to tell you the class code. After getting the code;

  • Visit on a web browser.
  • Ensure you log in with the right account. And if there is a need to switch accounts, you can do that.
  • Click the Plus icon at the top and select ‘’Join Class’’.
  • Then enter the class code on the field provided and click ‘’Join’’.

Note: Class codes are 5-7 characters, including numbers and letters, and no spaces or symbols.

How to Join With an Email Invite

Likewise, you can join a class using an invitation sent to your email address. To join with an email invite;

  • Open the email you use for Google Class.
  • Tap ‘’Join’’ in the email invite.
  • Click the down arrow if it shows a class not found. Then sign in with the account you use for the classroom.
  • Lastly, tap ‘’Join’’.

Meanwhile, you can also accept the invitation in the classroom. You can do that by visiting the Classroom website and tapping Join on the class card.