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Is there a Google Duo app for PC or how can I use Google Duo for Windows? Without much bickering, you should know that Google Duo is one of Google’s products because it has the tech giant’s name attached to it. Google has been releasing several services to satisfy its users. And one of these amazing products is Google Duo.

Google Duo For PC - Use Duo On

Google Duo is a proprietary online video chat app that allows you to communicate with people who matter most to you. Of course, there are several video chat apps that you can use on your PC, but Google stands out amongst others due to its amazing features and benefits.

Presently, Google Duo is one of the most used and top video-calling portals out there. You can use it on a mobile device and on Windows. But if you are the type who is always busy on your PC, you should take your video chat and calling experience to the next level by using Google Duo on your Windows.

Although Google Duo is mostly used by mobile users, a PC is best for making video calls, as you can view people using a wider screen and see other features on a single page.  You can use Google Duo to make video calls and chat from your PC. Enjoy Google Duo video calls in high definition, as video calls are in 720p.

Is Google Duo Free on PC?

Definitely Yes. Google Duo is free, easy to grasp, and compatible with all devices. No payment is required to make video calls or chat. What you only need to make use of it is an internet connection—mobile data or Wi-Fi. No hidden charges are attached for chatting and making video calls. All features on Duo are free.

Is There a Google Duo App for Windows?

The answer to that question is NO. Although Google Duo has an app, the app is only available for mobile devices and does not have an app that you can download for your Windows PC. The only way that you can use Google Duo for PC is via a web browser. Therefore, if you are searching for a Google Duo desktop app, you should look elsewhere as it does not have an app.

How to Use Google Duo on a PC

Try Google Duo for the web today and start making free video calls using your PC. Call anyone in your contacts list and make free calls on the go. I don’t see any reason why you should not use Duo on your Windows. Because all these features on the app are also available on the website. Its offers end-to-end encryption which means that no one can see the videos you make. Mind you, you must have a Google account to use Duo.

  • Visit Google Duo for Web on your PC browser.
  • Tap on ‘’Try Duo for web’’ on the homepage.
  • Sign in to your Google account if prompted. If your mobile number is linked to the Google account, it will display your contact list on the screen.
  • Then Duo will request your permission to use your camera and microphone. Grant permission to start using Duo.
  • From the pop-up page, click on ‘’Allow’’
  • Click on Start a Call and enter the phone number or email on the pop-up page.
  • Having entered the number, click on the Video call link.
  • Then the person will be notified of your call either through your phone number or email address.

Voila! Make video calls on the go. However, not only can you make a video call with an individual, but you can also do video-conferencing by creating a group call link and sharing the link for your friends to join. Duo allows you to make a group with up to 31 contacts. Create a group, add people, and click on ‘’Start’’ to commence the video call. So, if any of your friends click on the link, you can all do video telephony.